Alkaline Water: A Surprising Source of Calcium?

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Calcium…it does a body good…and not just because your bones are mostly made of calcium.

To keep your bones nice and strong over the years, it’s incredibly beneficial for you to get enough calcium daily.

You could just head over to your local pharmacy and purchase the top calcium supplement on the market and call it a day – but taking the easy way could end up doing you more harm than good.

Calcium and Calcium Supplements


Put down those calcium supplements…

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health – around 43 percent of American adults actively take a supplement that includes calcium. Shockingly, some researchers suggest that taking calcium supplements might be detrimental to your heart health.

In case you haven’t heard…there’s a surprising source of calcium that can help keep you healthy and strong for many years to come. No, it’s not milk or some random item from the dairy aisle.

So, what is this surprising source of calcium? Okay, we promise to reveal what the surprise is in just a moment, but first…we want to cover calcium deficiency below.

Scientists have found that the human body becomes depleted of calcium over time, so it’s important that you understand how being calcium-deficient in the first place can have a colossal negative effect on your future bone health.

Calcium Deficiency and Bone Loss

Calcium plays a MUCH larger role in your health than just forming your bones and teeth.

Calcium also plays a critical part in:

  • Reducing toxins in your blood
  • Supporting muscle and eye function
  • Promoting heart health
  • Regulating your nervous system

With so much media attention focusing on preventing calcium deficiencies these days, it’s crucial that you remember that these deficiencies don’t just happen “one day” out of nowhere.

You see…most of your body’s systems rely on calcium to function over the years.

So, by the time you reach your early 50’s…it’s entirely possible that you could have insufficient blood calcium levels if you choose to stick to an acidic diet and make toxic lifestyle choices over many years.

As a result – your bones will go on a hunt for an adequate calcium source to help regulate its pH – only to end up finding a prime supply of calcium in your skeletal system.

Let’s fast forward a few years: Your body will be tapping into this calcium source, so you may start to feel the effects of a calcium deficiency, such as:

  • Bone loss
  • Tooth loss and decay
  • Poor nervous system and heart function
  • Eyesight problems, such as blurred vision

Where can you turn to help remedy any calcium deficiency issues that arise?

The Surprising Calcium Source Revealed is…drum roll, please…

Hydrogen-rich alkaline water that’s made with high-quality water ionizers!

Calcium-Rich Alkaline Water Benefits

The one essential mineral that can really alkalize your body is calcium, which can help neutralize and eliminate toxins and free radicals in your body.

Ionized hydrogen water is antioxidant-rich AND mineral-rich with calcium, as well as other essential alkaline minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water made by a high-quality water ionizer machine can help you:

  • Obtain your daily needed amount of calcium
  • Maintain strong bones
  • Put up a good fight against osteoporosis by giving you the bio-available calcium that you need for your bones

Ionized alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen also makes calcium absorption easier because the molecular hydrogen molecules are small enough to directly penetrate your body without great effort.

Some of the additional hydrogen-rich alkaline water benefits that you can obtain include:

  • Helps prevent inflammation
  • Helps improve your mood and may improve your anxiety levels
  • Helps promote bone health in women – even in women who are already calcium-sufficient

alkaline water

Boost Your Health with the Powerful Benefits of a High-Quality Alkaline Water Machine

Alkaline hydrogen water that’s made by a high-quality water ionizer is the BEST water you can drink to obtain your daily needed amount of calcium that can help boost your health.

Your body needs water every day and it’s your responsibility to give it the BEST hydrogen water that a high-quality molecular hydrogen water machine can make.

To get started on your search – you can read these insightful water ionizer reviews and grab this FREE Buyer’s Guide….


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So, raise your glasses and give a BIG round of applause to the impressive calcium-rich health benefits of alkaline water.

Sip, sip, hooray!


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