Ionized Water Vs Alkaline Water

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The terms alkaline water and ionized water are not interchangeable. Water can be both alkaline and ionized at the same time, but not always.

Alkaline water helps to support pH balance – vital for overall good health. You can get alkaline water from a machine, or in bottles.


Ionized Water Vs Alkaline Water

Bottled Alkaline Water

Bottled alkaline water usually contains several minerals: commonly potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is unlikely to contain hydrogen molecules. But what else might it contain? Once the water has been sitting in that plastic bottle for a while in a warehouse and on a supermarket shelf, you could get more than you bargained for. Microplastics and chemical contaminants are rife in beverages that have been stored in plastic.

Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized water is produced by the process of ionization, which takes place inside a water ionizer. The best machines produce pH-balancing alkaline water that’s also packed with therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen. Ionized water also has vital antioxidant potential, missing from simple, non-ionized alkaline water.

The best water to drink for antioxidant potential, hydration, alkalinity and more, is ionized alkaline water, which is also rich in molecular hydrogen, produced as part of the ionization process. In simple terms, this is the best of all worlds.

Choosing a Water Ionizer

Choosing a water ionizer that does the job well, while looking good in your kitchen and sitting comfortably within most family budgets, isn’t easy. As with most other products and appliances, there are water ionizer machines that sound like a bargain but leave much to be desired with performance and longevity.

The best water ionizers on the market today check all the boxes: advanced technology, sleek looks, superlative performance and backed with a generous, no-hassle guarantee (avoid water ionizer companies that are too strict with their warranty terms).

One company worth a look at is Tyent. Reliable quality and genuinely exciting sales have helped this company rise to the top of the water ionizer industry over the years by matching exceptional machines to excellent customer care.

What are YOUR Dealbreakers?

Are you trying to cut back on plastic water bottles? A water ionizer is an awesome way to do it. Are things like lifetime guarantees and great customer care dealbreakers for you? Share your thoughts – your feedback helps us to deliver the water ionizer news you need!


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