6 Beverages to Avoid Completely… And What to Drink Instead!

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There are some beverages that you should NEVER drink. Here, we list the six common drinks that can harm your health, and what you should be drinking instead!


6 Beverages to Avoid Completely… And What to Drink Instead!


1. Coffee With all the Trimmings

You know the ones. Mochaccino. Caramel Frappucino. White ChocoMochacino et al. Topped with cream, syrup, chocolate and other sugar-and-fat-based add-ons, your morning coffee could easily come in at more than 500 calories. Even if you’re not counting calories, that hit of caffeine and sweetness will give you a jittery high before sending you down the other side into a sugar-induced low. Not a great way to start the day.


2. Diet Soda

Soda is so bad for your health, it’s impossible to overstress it. The irony is that people drink diet soda in a misguided attempt to make a healthier choice. Packed with dubious chemicals and compound solutions that are linked to obesity, inflammation, liver problems and high blood pressure, among other things, experts argue that diet soda is downright dangerous for your health – give it a very wide berth.


3. Juice

Huh? Juice is good for us, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. A weekly glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is fine, but more than that, and you’re suddenly consuming a lot of sugar. Fresh fruit is brilliant as part of a balanced diet but eat the whole fruit to benefit from the healthful fiber, which is otherwise lost in the juicing process.


4. Nut Milk with Added Sugar

Nut milk? Great choice. Sweetened nut milk? Not so good. The modern diet is already sprinkled with enough sugar – cut down on it where you can. Unsweetened nut and plant milk taste good as they are.


5. Sweetened Iced Tea

Sugar again. The problem is that when sugar is added to virtually everything we eat and drink, our taste buds start to expect it. Avoid buying anything with added sugar – choose the plain version and only add a small amount of sugar yourself, if you really feel you need to.


6. Premixed Cocktails

Those little cans of mojito and daiquiri might be cute and convenient, but they pack a sugary, alcoholic punch, along with more chemicals to sweeten (again!) and preserve the contents. If you choose to drink a little alcohol, try a wine spritzer instead – a splash of white wine and a decent glug of club soda over a pile of crushed ice with a slice of lime is a much better choice.


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6 Beverages to Avoid Completely… And What to Drink Instead!



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