Water Ionizer Comparison

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Tyent Water Ionizers and Enagic are two of the best-known brands on the market. How do you choose between them? What are the crucial differences between them?

And most importantly – which water ionizer is the best in a straight comparison on the key factors that matter most?

Let’s find out!


Water Ionizer Comparison


Filter Facts

Because of the on-going crisis with contaminants in America’s water, the reason many people buy a water ionizer is to filter their tap water and make it safe to drink, so that’s where we’re starting. To be fair, Tyent cannot be beaten on filtration. Tyent filters take out some of your source water’s most deadly toxins, easily beating off any competition from Enagic, who declined to explain specifically what contaminants their filters remove. Tyent is transparent and impressive on this vital feature.


Proof of Power

 Enagic’s K8 machine is their most powerful model. With 8 solid titanium plates, it’s no slouch on the ionization front. Still, it struggles to measure up to the ACE-13, which contains 13 huge, Solid/Mesh Hybrid platinum/titanium plates that pack some serious electrolysis power.


How Do I Look?

Amaaaazing, dahling! Looks are subjective and we’re not going to announce a winner on this one: you can decide what works for you and your kitchen. Enagic has nailed the utility, all-purpose, wipe-clean appliance have a no frills look. Tyent water ionizers owe more to high-tech smartphone styling than standard kitchenware, with stainless steel accents, touchscreen action and an altogether sleeker look. Which one makes your heart beat faster?


Satisfaction Guaranteed?

 Water ionizers are a significant purchase for most families, and making sure that it comes with a rock-solid guarantee is crucial. Now Tyent and Enagic are BOTH reputable, well-established companies and unlikely to melt into the night with your money, leaving you with a dodgy water ionizer and a useless guarantee. But Tyent’s Lifetime Guarantee INCLUDING parts and labor, beats Enagic’s three-or-five-year warranty period in a clear race.


The Bottom Line…Value for Money?

If you buy a water ionizer from either Enagic or Tyent, then you will be the proud owner of a solidly built machine that reliably dispenses ionized water. Both companies should be watched for sales that bring down prices considerably at various points during the year.


Which Water Ionizer is Best?

We promised you a winner in our head-to-head, so let’s do this.

As far as looks are concerned, the Enagic or the Tyent model deliver well designed but very different styles. For certified, peace-of-mind filtration capabilities, ionization power and that confident Lifetime Guarantee, Tyent scores a decisive win on each factor. Congratulations Tyent!


Have we helped you reach a decision on buying a water ionizer? Clean, safe water for your family can be a huge weight off your mind. Let us know if a water ionizer has already made a difference to your life!



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