water ionizer of the year

Water Ionizer of the Year!

A brand new year is upon us and it’s time for us to announce the 2021 Water Ionizer of the Year! Who Is The Water Ionizer Of The Year? The winners of AlkalineWater.com’s 2021 Ionizer of the Year Award… the ACE-13 (countertop) and UCE-13 plus (under-counter) from Tyent USA! A brand new addition to the Tyent USA family […]

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Enagic Maintenance

Enagic water ionizers require the same basic maintenance as most other water ionizers.  Filter replacement and internal cleaning.  Although you do not have to replace the filters in an Enagic water ionizer as often as you do with most other models – you will spend more time performing regular cleaning. Let’s take a look at […]

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Alkaline Water – What the Experts Say

There is a lot of information available about the benefits of drinking alkaline water, but what do the experts say?   Can alkaline water really help treat or prevent disease?  Can alkaline ionized water help slow the aging process? With so many claims from so many sources, let’s take a look at a few authorities in […]

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  • 8 Horrible Water Scandals in the US

    What are the most horrible water scandals to have hit the headlines in the US?   The worrying state of America’s water is hardly out of the news these days. None of us can afford to turn a blind eye to the increasingly frightening, water-borne contaminants that affect millions of ordinary people every day.   […]

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  • Why Homemade Alkaline Water Is Dangerous

    Why Homemade Alkaline Water Is Dangerous

    Some things are fabulous if they’re homemade. Cakes, preserves, noodles, bread…all definitely worth having a go at making in the comfort of your own home. Alkaline water? Not so much. In fact, it can be downright dangerous to make your own.       Which Water? The internet has several suggestions for ‘whipping up a […]

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  • Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

    Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

    Whether it’s a spring-clean, deep-clean, major declutter or quick weekend tidy-up, having a checklist of chores helps you to focus, whip through them quickly, and not leave anything out. We’ve rounded up a weekly clean routine to help you freshen up your home and make it shine. Don’t touch that cloth until you’ve read this! […]

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  • Water pH and Its Effect on Your Body

    Water pH and Its Effect on Your Body

    First things first, you already learned this at school, but to recap, the pH scale is a method of measuring how acidic or alkaline something is.     pH and Your Body Your body is constantly making almost imperceptible tweaks and changes in order to precisely control the pH of your blood and fluids, and […]

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  • Detox Diets That ACTUALLY Help You Lose Weight

    Detox Diets That ACTUALLY Help You Lose Weight

    If you want to drop a few pounds, then you don’t want to waste your time following an eating plan that leaves the needle of your weighing scales in the same place. At the same time, the wrong detox diet could leave you feeling drained and more likely to indulge in unhealthy food once the […]

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  • Ionized Water Vs Alkaline Water

    Ionized Water Vs Alkaline Water

    The terms alkaline water and ionized water are not interchangeable. Water can be both alkaline and ionized at the same time, but not always. Alkaline water helps to support pH balance – vital for overall good health. You can get alkaline water from a machine, or in bottles.   Bottled Alkaline Water Bottled alkaline water […]

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  • 6 Beverages to Avoid Completely… And What to Drink Instead!

    6 Beverages to Avoid Completely… And What to Drink Instead!

    There are some beverages that you should NEVER drink. Here, we list the six common drinks that can harm your health, and what you should be drinking instead!     1. Coffee With all the Trimmings You know the ones. Mochaccino. Caramel Frappucino. White ChocoMochacino et al. Topped with cream, syrup, chocolate and other sugar-and-fat-based […]

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  • How I Use My Water Ionizer Throughout the Day

    How I Use My Water Ionizer Throughout the Day

    You’ve probably heard plenty of good things about drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer. It hydrates more efficiently. It keeps your body’s pH levels on an even keel. It rids your body of harmful free radicals. It aids in digestion and promotes proper metabolism. It helps boost your immune system. The list of benefits […]

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  • Water Ionizer Comparison

    Water Ionizer Comparison

    Tyent Water Ionizers and Enagic are two of the best-known brands on the market. How do you choose between them? What are the crucial differences between them? And most importantly – which water ionizer is the best in a straight comparison on the key factors that matter most? Let’s find out!     Filter Facts […]

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  • Jupiter Enagic Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizers Review

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