Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

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Whether it’s a spring-clean, deep-clean, major declutter or quick weekend tidy-up, having a checklist of chores helps you to focus, whip through them quickly, and not leave anything out.

We’ve rounded up a weekly clean routine to help you freshen up your home and make it shine. Don’t touch that cloth until you’ve read this!


Ultimate Cleaning Checklist


In the Kitchen

  1. Empty the dishwasher and put everything away
  2. Clear and wipe all kitchen counters
  3. Wipe down cupboard doors and the extractor hood
  4. Wipe any countertop appliances or objects, such as kettles and cooking utensil jars
  5. Wipe taps and clean the sink
  6. Steam or mop the floor
  7. Clean all windowsills
  8. Check the refrigerator for out-of-date food and clean shelves
  9. Wipe out microwave
  10. Clean oven
  11. Vacuum floors


In the Bathroom

  1. Wipe mirrors
  2. Clean basin and bathtub
  3. Spray and clean shower cubicle
  4. Steam or mop floors
  5. Disinfect toilets
  6. Throw used towels in the laundry and put out fresh ones


Bedrooms and Living Areas

  1. Put used bedding in the laundry and put fresh linen on the beds
  2. Tidy away any items not in use
  3. Vacuum and steam-clean floors
  4. Dust and clean sills, baseboards and furniture
  5. Clean mirrors
  6. Polish or wax wooden furniture


Every room

  1. Throw open the windows to let in fresh air
  2. Add a vase of flowers or replace candles
  3. Empty garbage and waste bins


Find Your Regular Routine

‘Phew! That’s quite a list, but most of these jobs will only take a few minutes at most – especially if you stick to a weekly routine and don’t let things build into a problem that needs to be fixed.

Chemical-Free Cleaning with a Water Ionizer

Ditching toxic chemical cleaners from your life is an awesome idea. Buy a water ionizer with a separate acidic water stream and you have all the cleaning products you need. Even better? It’s all-natural with no aggressive or dangerous chemicals. For example, the machines in the TyentUSA water ionizer range feature a Turbo Water option for perfect cleaning – it even tackles ovens!

What can you add to our weekly cleaning checklist? What did we miss?! Time-saving cleaning hacks are always popular – what are yours?



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