7 Surprising Water Ionizer Uses

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Are you surprised to learn that there are lots of water ionizer uses? If you think the only use for a water ionizer is improving your health, think again.

Water ionizer uses

Get your garden green with a water ionizer!

There are lots of other reasons that you might want to keep a water ionizer at home. Alkaline water has all sorts of surprising uses. Here are 7 of our favorite water ionizer uses.  

Water Ionizer Uses – Table of Contents

  1. Keep your plants healthy
  2. Keep your surfaces clean
  3. Pamper yourself
  4. Clean your clothes
  5. Fight bacteria
  6. Keep your fruits and veggies fresh
  7. Improve shelf-life of cleaning products

1. Keep your plants healthy

Soil pH is extremely important for the health and well-being of your plants. Different plants prefer different pH levels, and some plants – like poppies, morning glory, lilies, and honeysuckles – prefer alkaline soil. Use your water ionizer to give them the alkaline water that they crave.

2. Keep your surfaces clean

Oil and grease are slightly acidic, which means that alkaline solutions can help to get rid of them. Use a water ionizer to make alkaline cleaning products to help keep your kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures clean.

water ionizer cleaning

Get sparkly clean bathrooms using your water ionizer!


3. Pamper yourself

You can use alkaline water to help get rid of grease and dirt on your skin and face. Simply soak a sponge or washcloth in alkaline water prior to washing up for some extra shine. Once you’re finished cleansing, you can use acidic water as a fantastic toner.


4. Clean your clothes

Using alkaline water is especially useful for washing laundry. The alkalinity of the water will help to break down grease and soil to remove stains. So, add some alkaline water to your laundry!

5. Fight bacteria

Acid water is a byproduct of the water ionization process. Acid water can kill bacteria and other germs, which makes it a great choice for making home-made antibacterial sprays.

6. Keep your fruit and veggies fresh

Both alkaline and acidic water are great for washing fruits and veggies from the store. First rinse with acid water to get rid of any bacteria or germs, then use Turbo alkaline water when you scrub to get rid of grease or dirt.

7. Improve the shelf-life of your cleaning products

If you soak your sponges or washcloths in acidic water in-between washes, this will help get rid of any unpleasant odors as well as extend their lifespan.


Water ionizers might be great for powering up your drinking water, but if that’s all you’re planning on using it for, then you’re missing out. Water ionizers can be used to make water-based products for cleaning, beautifying, washing your vegetables, and keeping your plants healthy.

If you’re using molecular hydrogen-based water, remember to check the pH level. Not all hydrogen water is alkaline, and in these cases, pH level is the most important thing. Hopefully this article has given you some good ideas!

If you’ve had a great experience using a water ionizer or have a tip that we’ve missed, leave a comment below!

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