Kangen Water Facts Part 1

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This is the first in a series of articles designed to separate truth from misinformation about Kangen water, Enagic products and misleading information spread by Enagic representatives.

“Kangen Water” is a phrase trademarked by Enagic as the term used for the water produced by the company’s water ionizers.

Admittedly, Enagic and its many independent representatives are largely responsible for the awareness of alkaline water and its benefits here in the United States.  In fact, there’s a good chance that you found this website doing research after a conversation with an Enagic representative.

With all the good the company has done to increase awareness of alkaline ionized water and its many benefits, the company’s independent representatives have been equally efficient at spreading misinformation about these products.   Some have even resorted to what has been described by potential water ionizer customers as out and out “scare tactics.”

Here are some facts to help you separate the facts from fiction…

You Can Only get Kangen Water from an Enagic Machine:  FICTION

While it is true that Enagic’s owner trademarked the phrase “Kangen Water” making it illegal for anyone to refer to water produced by any other product as “Kangen water,” he also gave the rights to the Kangen water trademark to Sanastec – another company selling the same machines.

Further, the “Kangen water” produced by Enagic’s “Kangen Water Machines” is simply alkaline ionized water.  While by law, Jupiter or any other water ionizer company cannot call the water that comes from one of their water ionizers “Kangen water,” it is, in reality, the same thing.  Alkaline ionized water.

Enagic Products Cost More Because they Cost More to Produce:  FICTION

Take the company’s flagship product, the SD501.  Purchasing an SD501 water ionizer will set you back $3,985 plus shipping.  Once the deal is done, the company pays out $2,280 in commissions through their 8-point, 8-level downline program.

That leaves about $1,705 of the purchase price going to the cost of manufacturing, importing and other costs of company operation.  That also drops it below the cost of some 5-plate water ionizers on the market and right in line with some of the mid-range 7-plate water ionizers.

You Can Only Get Health Benefits from a Kangen Machine:  FICTION

While many people start drinking alkaline ionized water courtesy of samples given to them by their local Enagic representative, over half will end up purchasing a water ionizer manufactured by another company.

Individuals with diabetes, allergies, chronic skin, and lung conditions and a host of other diseases and ailments have seen positive results drinking water produced by non-Enagic/Kangen water ionizers.  Those that started by drinking “Kangen water” from their local Enagic representative continued seeing improvement in their conditions after switching to “KYK water” or “Tyent water” or “Jupiter water” or alkaline water from the water ionizer company they ultimately felt comfortable choosing.

Only Kangen Water Machines are Certified Medical Devices by the Japanese Ministry of Health:  FICTION

The IE-Series water ionizers also have certification by the Japanese Ministry of Health.  But what exactly does that mean anyway?

Every country has an equivalent to the “Japanese Ministry of Health.”  Here in the United States, we call it the FDA.  In Korea, it is the KFDA.  Certification does not imply that the product has been tested, taken apart or studied by the certifying agency.  It only means that a company has filled out the proper paperwork in the manufacturing country of origin, submitted it with the proper filing or registration fees and received their certification.

Almost every water ionizer on the market today carries medical device certification issued by the country in which it is manufactured.

Stay Tuned for More…

Although the company requires all distributors to sign an agreement which restricts the ways in which they may market their products, the training materials that they are allowed to use or promote and the claims they are allowed to make, Enagic has either turned a blind eye to these infractions or has lost all control and is unable to reel in the large number of independent distributors who have been in violation of the company’s policies for years.

This has created an endless supply of “fact vs. fiction” claims available courtesy of overzealous, misinformed or just downright misleading Enagic representatives.  If you speak with an Enagic representative and they make a claim that seems too good to be true, consult the company’s parent website – Enagic(dot)com.  If you see the claim verified there then there’s a good chance that it is a true fact.  If you don’t, then buyer beware.

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