Evontis Elite Product Review

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Move over SD501 – there’s a new player in the $4,000 price category – the Evontis Elite.

While the Enagic SD501 and the Evontis Elite are comparable in price, the similarities end there.  With 9-plates, 375 watts of power and a lifetime warranty, consumers just got a lot more machine for their money.

More machine, more features, more functions, better performance – let’s take a look at the Evontis Elite…

Stylish & Innovative Design

Unlike competitors in its price class, the Evontis Elite water ionizers’s design is as impressive as its performance.  No clunky, funky machine look – with its slim profile, stainless steel face and sleek control panel the Evontis Elite is a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Although slightly wider (left to right) than its competitors, the Elite’s slim design leaves plenty of work counter top workspace available in front of the unit.  When placed against the wall at the back of the counter you’ve still got workable counter space available in front of the unit for day-to-day kitchen activities.

The control panel is basic yet highly functional with easy to read icons available allowing you to produce the water you want with a single touch.  The display screen provides all the information you need including the level of water being produced, remaining filter life and a usage indicator.

The Evontis Elite alerts you to the pH level of water you are producing through a combination of audio and visual alerts.  Voice announcements tell you the type of water you are producing when you begin operating the unit.  The display screen color changes to correspond to the level of water you are producing and the level selection is also shown on the screen along with a filter life indicator.

One of the most innovative design features of the Evontis Elite is the filter compartment.  Changing the filters in this unit is easier than any other.  Most water ionizers require moving the unit around to access a removable panel on the back – or removing a panel on the front of the unit to access the filter area.

The Evontis Elite filter compartment is accessible through the front of the unit.  The entire front panel of the Elite swings open giving you full access.  Each filter tips out slightly making removing and replacing the filters even easier.  When you’ve replaced the filters, close the front panel and you’re ready to go.  No trying to fit the filter compartment cover back in place.  No moving the unit around to get it back in place.

Premium Filtration

Your source water passes through two multi-stage filters before ionization ever begins.  These filters are designed to remove most harmful contaminants from the water while also pre-conditioning the water for optimal ionization.

The .01 micron activated carbon filter removes chlorine, lead, particulates, VOC’s and most other common contaminants.  The second filter, a KMP ceramic filter, provides additional purification of the water.   Ceramics are known for their filtration abilities.  Specialized processing of ceramic materials can alter the water increasing conductivity and enhancing the properties of the water for drinking and ionization.

The Evontis Elite’s dual filtration system ensures that you get the best quality water possible at every level.


With 9 platinum-coated titanium plates delivering up to 375 watts of power to the electrolysis chamber, the Evontis Elite was designed to produce water at the broadest possible pH range.  Unlike competitors in this price class, there is no need for any sort of chemical enhancer – the TURBO function allows you to access the maximum power available to produce the strongest possible alkaline and acidic water.

When chemical enhancers are used to produce strong alkaline water, the water is no longer suitable for consumption.  While drinking water at the higher alkaline levels is not recommended, cooking with this water is recommended.  If you have to use a chemical enhancer solution to achieve the highest pH levels, you can’t take advantage of the benefits of cooking with strong alkaline water.

Ease of Use & Adjustability

One light touch.  That’s all it takes to start or stop your Evontis Elite water ionizer.  The on/off mechanism for the Evontis Elite is your selection of the level of water you want to produce.  Switching form one pH level to another while the unit is in use is just as easy.  Just touch the icon for the next level you want to produce.

Go from 9.5pH for drinking to the strongest level for cooking then jump back down to an acidic level for another use – no need to turn the unit off or toggle up or down to get to the level you want.  There’s an icon for every pH level you need, including neutral water for use at or near mealtimes or when taking prescription medication.

Every alkaline and acidic preset if fully adjustable which allows you to customize the settings based on your source water.  Higher or lower mineral content in your source water may require adjusting the power up or down within each preset.  This is done easily through the Elite’s intuitive setup mode.

Once in the setup mode you are guided with both audio and visual alerts.  You always know exactly where you are thanks to the voice announcements and display screen readouts.


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