Calcium Deficiency and Bone Loss

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Calcium deficiency and bone loss are just accepted as part of growing older.  The market is flooded with calcium supplements and prescription medications to treat the problem.  The fact is, most people accept it as “part of life” without ever understanding why it happens – or why it happens more quickly in some than others.

By understanding how calcium deficiency and the resulting bone loss occurs you can move beyond the stock “calcium supplement” therapies out there.  This article addresses the key causes of bone loss, calcium deficiency and how alkaline water can help maintain healthy calcium levels.

What Most Don’t Realize

Calcium deficiencies and resulting bone loss don’t “just happen” as part of growing older.  It begins much earlier in life and is related to calcium’s role in the body.

When we think of calcium we think of bones and teeth.  What most don’t realize is calcium’s role in heart, muscle and eye function and lowering toxins in the blood.  It’s not just about healthy bones and teeth.

Calcium is one of the “great regulators” in our body.  It is used by the body, along with magnesium, for proper muscle contraction.  And remember, your heart is a muscle too.  Calcium is used to regulate blood toxin levels.  It is used by the eyes to regulate hydraulic pressure required for focus.  Calcium also regulates the nervous system.  The list of calcium uses in the body goes on and on and on.

With so many of our body’s systems relying on calcium, by the time most people reach middle age – given the average American diet and lifestyle choices – blood calcium levels are insufficient.  At this point, our body taps into its “calcium savings account” – the skeletal system.

After a few years of the body drawing on calcium from bones and teeth, we start seeing the signs of calcium deficiency.  Bone loss, tooth loss and decay.  With the priority being blood oxygen levels, nervous system and heart function, it isn’t long before eyesight is affected.  Then the heart and nervous system function are affected.

The common solution?  If you’re deficient in calcium and/or magnesium, take a supplement.  And don’t forget to eat foods that are rich in calcium.

But why not address the issue before they occur?

Alkaline Water Solution

Drinking alkaline water addresses the issue in a couple of ways.  The first is the antioxidant properties of the water.  Part of calcium’s role in the body is neutralizing/eliminating toxins in the system.  These include free radicals that are produced naturally and normally as a byproduct of muscle use and digestion.  When you add the toxins produced by unhealthy food choices and environmental toxins and stresses, the body is working overtime trying to eliminate toxins and acids from the blood – using up more and more calcium in the process.

Alkaline water is a one-two punch.  The antioxidant properties of the water help to eliminate excess toxins from the body, reducing the calcium workload.  Next, calcium that is found in most source water is more readily absorbed by the body when the water has been ionized.  Alkaline ionized water has smaller water clusters which penetrate the body at higher rates, taking with it the minerals found in the water.

Finally, if you do take a calcium supplement, most people find that they feel the positive effects of nutritional supplements taken with alkaline ionized water better than when they were taking them with regular tap or bottled water.

Beginning an alkaline water regimen now can help slow the rate of bone loss and calcium deficiency later in life.

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