Alkaline Water: What Would the World Be Like Without It?

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What if alkaline water didn’t exist?

For people who drink this water for their health and hydration, this would feel like a nightmare.

Trust me. You wouldn’t want to wake up to a world without alkaline water.

Imagine paying for a gym membership so that you can implement a good exercise program. The gym seems to have all the equipment that you need – but when it comes time to do a cardio workout, there’s no treadmill to be seen for miles.

Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant and finding out that there’s no salad options or any healthy side dish on the menu? The only thing available on the menu is steak, burgers, and other meat. A rib eye steak sounds delicious, but without a healthy side dish, your sumptuous meal would feel incomplete.

Is Alkaline Water Good For You?

The truth is – alkaline water can bring balance to your body and support better health. The world wouldn’t be the same without this water – and here’s why:

Alkaline Water is Everywhere

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Most often, people think that alkaline water is only produced by water ionizers at home. What people don’t realize is that fresh water coming down from the mountains is alkaline. Water flowing from streams pass through rocks which add minerals and turn the water into alkaline water.

It isn’t only at home or on the mountains that this water is produced. Industries from agriculture to healthcare use a commercial alkaline water machine for various uses.

High alkaline pH water of an 11.5 or higher from premium water ionizers are good to use for sanitation purposes – while it’s important to note that high alkaline pH water at 9.5 is great for drinking. Alkaline water that has a pH of an 11.5 or higher can be used to clean equipment and is a more affordable and eco-friendlier solution than chemical-based industrial cleansers.

Alkaline water is also used for agriculture. Humans aren’t the only ones who need clean and healthy alkaline water from water ionizers— farm animals need this kind of water too. Many farmers own industrial-grade water ionizers to provide healthy alkaline water to cows, poultry, and other farm animals.

In Japan and South Korea, water ionizers are recognized as medical devices that are heavily recommended by doctors. Many hospitals in Japan and South Korea have water ionizers that pump out alkaline water all throughout the facility.

Alkaline Water Is Packed With Many Vital Health Benefits

It would prove to be difficult to achieve and maintain a balanced pH in the body if this water didn’t exist.

Most of the foods that many of us love to eat (burgers, bacon, cheese, white bread, donuts, and ice cream) are acidic. When you eat these types of acidic foods, you can drink alkaline water to help balance your body’s pH level. An imbalance in your body pH may cause or aggravate health problems such as heartburn symptoms and obesity.

Aside from the water’s high pH level, alkaline water is rich in antioxidants that our body needs. Antioxidants help prevent the breakdown of healthy cells that lead to better disease prevention. Antioxidants are also good for your heart and can even promote better eye health.

Another benefit of alkaline water is better hydration of the cells in your body. Alkaline water that’s made from water ionizers and contains molecular hydrogen (known as hydrogen water) helps to replenish electrolytes—something regular tap water can’t do.

Hydrogen water is also healthier to consume than sports drinks. Athletes who drink hydrogen water regularly are found to have shorter recovery times after heavy exercise than if they drank a sports drink such as Powerade and Gatorade.

Is hydrogen water good for you? Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, there are a lot of alkaline water benefits for any lifestyle.

Alkaline Water Has Other Surprising Uses

A high pH isn’t only good for the inside of your body. When you drink hydrogen water with a high pH – it will work wonders for the outside of your body too.

Hydrogen water can help flush out the toxins in your body, leading to clear and healthy skin that helps the fight against acne. Hydrogen water can also help neutralize the acid that’s found in your mouth, preventing tooth decay. Less tooth decay always leads to a better, healthier smile.

The good news doesn’t end there! Some flowers and plants also react well to alkaline water – such as daisies, poppies, morning glory, and bamboo plants.

Spraying alkaline water on these plants can keep them looking fresher for longer periods of time.

Alkaline Water Keeps the Balance

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Balance: the key to everything, including good health. Keep your balance with hydrogen water from water ionizers.

If you want to stay healthy – you must find a balance in everything you do. There should be a balance between work and rest, and a healthy balance of relaxation and exercise.

A good diet maintains a balance of all the food groups, including acidic and alkaline foods. What better way to balance your body pH than by drinking hydrogen water?

If you’d like to put hydrogen water into your world so that you can start enjoying the health benefits and start living a better life, our FREE Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the right water ionizer for your home.

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