Huge Profits Being Made Selling Water Ionizers…

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There is only one way to get truly legitimate alkaline, ionized water.  This amazing water is created through the electrolysis process which occurs inside the water cell of an electric water ionizer.  These amazing machines have changed the lives of so many and the last 5 years have been an unprecedented growth period for this wonderful industry.  This article will explain what I believe lies ahead, and what those who are insightful enough to get involved should expect.

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The boom is yet to come.  My favorite part about the water ionizer industry is that is still in its infancy.  You can test this theory by asking 10 people you know if they have ever heard of a water ionizer.  In most places in the USA, less than 8 out of 10 people have heard of this technology.

Having an unfamiliar audience is so exciting because we can look at the history of past water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis and get a pretty good understanding of the future of the water ionizer industry.  As it stands, the global residential water treatment equipment market is showing an average growth of 20 percent annually, with total market volume predicted to reach more than $10 billion by 2015.

While reverse osmosis had a good 10-year run, the importance of drinking alkaline water as opposed to acidic water is becoming more widely understood.  As the country continues to learn about the benefits of alkaline ionized water and how it trumps every other type of water in every way, the market will likely explode.

So how can you get involved? Start by doing research on the top water ionizer companies.  In most cases, you can become an authorized dealer for between $5000.00 and $7500.00.  Sure, it’s a temporary outlay of cash, but with proper training, you can have your first 5 water ionizer units sold before your credit card bill even arrives.  A good water ionizer company will offer a marketing kit and other support for your success.  I will not recommend any particular water ionizer company, but I will say to do your research and take a chance with the company that seems like the best fit for you.  People will always drink water and the idea of living a healthy lifestyle is ever popular too, and the ionized water industry offers both.

If you are worried about your current job, or if you are just looking to make a few extra thousand dollars a month working part-time, the water ionizer business could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for.  Those who get in early and establish themselves as an expert are sure to prosper.  It is still early and there is no better time than now.  At least get out there and fill out some dealer requests and figure out which, if any dealer program works for you.  I recommend going with a reputable company with easy to sell benefits.  I also recommend going with a higher end unit because it will make you look better to your customers and it will cause you a lot less grief in the long run.

Consider standing clear of MLM companies with really high markups. We have found it can be difficult to sell overpriced water ionizers when consumers know that the company is set up to pay commissions to a lot of levels below you. Remember, nobody wants to throw their hard earned money away to pay large commissions, but consumers do want healthy water and are willing to pay for quality.

I hope this article helps you understand the huge potential that is right in front you at the moment.  Make a move, you will be glad you did.



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