Tyent Edge 9000 TURBO Review

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If you’ve been searching for an EDGE to get you through the day with more energy and vitality than ever before, Tyent’s Edge 9000 TURBO water ionizer is worthy of your consideration.

The newest machine in Tyent’s 9-plate series, the Edge 9000 TURBO is stylish and chock-full of cutting-edge features and functionality that easily surpasses all other models in the 9-plate class.


The Tyent Edge 9000 TURBO is built with a gorgeous compact design that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

Much like the newer 11 and 13-plate Tyent machines, the Edge 9000 TURBO is built with a genuine stainless steel front panel and faucet that many customers have grown to adore over the years.


Tyent USA set out to design the Edge 9000 TURBO with user-friendliness and beauty in mind.

One cutting-edge feature to take note of is the new 360 degree Smart Spout that fully rotates and can conveniently work on either side of your sink.

You can operate the Edge 9000 TURBO to get healthy alkaline water on demand by using either the colorful, smartphone-inspired touch screen interface or the new jog dial for extra convenience and ease of use.


With 9 platinum-coated titanium Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates that can produce a wide range of pH levels between 2-12 (depending on your source water) and high -ORP levels, the Tyent Edge 9000 Turbo is the most powerful 9-plate countertop water ionizer available today.

The Edge 9000T is built with an SMPS power supply that can reach a maximum of 8 amps, as well as power settings that are fully adjustable with 55 presets per level that comes with 3 alkaline, 2 acidic, 1 neutral, and 1 TURBO levels.

Using Tyent’s exclusive Hydrogen Boost Technology, the Edge 9000 TURBO can produce therapeutic levels of ionized alkaline hydrogen water with high antioxidant and molecular hydrogen levels.


With the Edge 9000T, you’ll be able to easily set up and adjust the power settings and presets through the touch screen, jog dial, or voice controls.

You can also easily control the flow and amount of water that’s dispensed with the all-new Fixed Water Flow Quantity button that’s equipped with an automatic water controlling valve. You’ll get the exact amount of water you want when you want it.


You’ll find Tyent’s industry-leading dual filtration system in the Edge 9000 TURBO that can help remove over 200 harmful contaminants and bacteria from your source water.

The Filter Usage indicator can be found on the touchscreen interface, making it super easy for you to know exactly when to replace your filters.

Tyent USA’s Forever Guarantee

Tyent stands behind their Edge 9000 TURBO model for as long as you own the product. When purchased through an Authorized Tyent Dealer, original owners are covered for both parts and labor should they ever have any sort of performance issue with their water ionizer machine.

New owners receive a consumer-friendly 75-day trial that will give you plenty of time to experience the powerful health benefits of Tyent alkaline water for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Edge 9000T, you can simply return the machine for a “no-hassle” refund, less applicable restocking fees.


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