Tyent UCE-9000T Review

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Never before has so much been packed into so little.  The UCE-9000T under counter from Tyent USA features innovations in design and technology never before seen in an under counter faucet-style water ionizer.

Slim styling, full control and full of adjustments and features  the Tyent 9000T is in a class by itself.  See it in action here Tyent USA UCE-9000T


Don’t let the size of the faucet fool you.  It offers more control and more adjustability right on the faucet than any other under counter water ionizer on the market today.

The unit is activated by a single touch of the control panel.  Simply touch the icon for the level of water you want to produce and the unit goes to work giving you just what you asked for.   There is no toggling between different levels, no “turn on” and then select your pH levels – just touch the icon representing the pH level you want to produce and the unit goes to work.

Additionally, you have multiple operation options.  The unit will stay “awake” at all times or you can choose the power-saver setting which lets the control panel “sleep” when it has not been used for several minutes.  An additional “touch” on the control panel will be needed to “wake” the unit for its next use if it has gone dark since your last use.

Unlike any other under counter water ionizer, you can control the unit either by using the control panel (standard for most under counter water ionizer) or using a “jog-dial” at the top of the unit.  Turning the dial at the top of the unit will allow you to toggle through the different pH levels available.  The edge of the dial will light up with a color corresponding to the pH level selected.

Another unique feature is the spout design.  The faucets on most under-counter water ionizers can be moved to the right or the left, allowing one level of alkaline water to fill a container through the primary spout with water from the secondary spout being dispensed slightly out of the way.  The 9000T goes one step further.

The tip at the end of each spout also rotates – move either spout to the left or right and then tilt the tip up or down.  This gives you added flexibility for filling multiple containers or just keeping the by-product water out of the primary container you are working with.


Just like Tyent countertop models, you can micro-adjust the power settings within each of the standard presets on the UCE-9000T.  Adjustability is important.  Source water can change with the seasons –  in cold weather, more power may be required to produce the same pH levels at each preset as the source water temperature can be significantly colder in some areas.  Also, depending on your source water, you may need to adjust the amount of power used at each preset for optimal performance in your home.

All power adjustments can be made easily through the control panel on the faucet, no need to access the unit itself below the counter.  You are guided through the settings adjustments with both voice and visual alerts.  The process is simple, intuitive and voice and visual alerts let you know where you are in the process.

Superior Power

With 9-plates and up to 375 watts of power, the Tyent UCE-9000T is the most powerful under counter water ionizer available today.  Capable of producing ionized water from 2.0 to 12.0 pH with strong micro-clustering and ORP levels, you will have water suitable for almost any use.

Accessing the TURBO settings allows you to produce the strongest pH levels.  Strong acidic water can be produced for sanitizing or treating cuts, scrapes, burns or skin conditions.    Strong alkaline water can be produced for removing dirt, pesticides, and contaminants from produce or household surfaces.

Water produced at standard drinking levels is rich in antioxidant properties with high negative ORP’s, helping the body eliminate toxins and maintaining healthy body pH.

Tyent’s Forever Guarantee

Tyent backs their UCE-9000T model with a lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor.  The company will stand behind this product for as long as you own it.  Provided you purchased your 9000T from an authorized Tyent dealer, the company will repair or replace any defective parts at no cost to the original owner.

You can try the Tyent UCE-9000T for 60 days.  If you don’t feel it is the absolute best in water ionizer technology simply return it for a refund less applicable restocking fees.


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