Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme Review

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The ultimate in style, power, performance and operation, Tyent’s 9090 TURBO Extreme model stands out against the competition – but blends in nicely with almost any kitchen décor.

All the features and functions that made the Tyent MMP-series water ionizers the top choice for discriminating buyers looking for the best, the 9090 TURBO Extreme is the company’s most powerful countertop water ionizer yet.  With 9 platinum coated titanium plates delivering up to 375 watts of power, the Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme can produce quality ionized water suitable for almost any purpose.

Because of the “stainless steel” trend in kitchen design, the 9090 TURBO Extreme is available in your choice of either black casing with stainless steel face or white casing with stainless steel casing.

Ease of Use

One of the key reasons customers choose Tyent over other water ionizer brands is the company’s signature “one-touch-operation.”  Where most water ionizers have an on/off mechanism with the unit defaulting back to a previous setting, the on/off mechanism on Tyent models is your selection of the pH water level you want to produce.

No toggling up or down between different settings, one touch is all you need to activate the unit and begin producing alkaline, acidic or neutral water at the level you want.  Changing pH levels while the unit is in use is just as easy.  Again, there’s no toggling up or down, no repeated pushing of buttons to get to the level you want, jump from strong alkaline to neutral or mild acidic – or any level – by simply touching the control panel icon for that level.

Easy, convenient, true one-touch operation.


Adjustability is a key feature for water ionizers.  Source water conditions vary from region to region.  Additionally, in cold months the source water temperature can drop and this can cause variations in performance.  The ability to micro adjust the amount of power used for ionization within each preset is crucial to ensuring you get the ionizing power you need based on your source water.

Micro-adjusting the power levels within each of the primary presets is done easily through the setup mode accessible through the control panel.  With a few simple touches on the control panel you can increase the amount of power used at any preset for stronger ionization.  In some cases you may need to reduce the amount of power to produce the proper pH at a preset – either way, the intuitive voice and visual guide system makes it easy to make adjustments necessary to produce water at the levels you want.

Premium Filtration

Tyent water ionizers have the largest filtration area of any other products in the industry.  In the 9090 model the company took the filtration up one more level by moving from the industry standard .1 micron to “ultra” filtration at .01 microns.

The dual filtration system features one .01 micron activated carbon filter and a second KMP ceramic filter.  KMP ceramic filter technology serves multiple purposes in filtration.  It serves as an additional layer of filtration as well as a conditioning mechanism for the water, optimizing ionization performance.

Tyent’s dual filtration system helps ensure the highest quality, best-tasting water available that is free from common contaminants like chlorine and VOC’s.

Forever Guarantee

Tyent stands behind their 9090 TURBO Extreme model for as long as you own the product.  When purchased through an Authorized Tyent Dealer, original owners are covered for both parts and labor should they ever have any sort of performance issue with their unit.

New owners also have a 60-day money back guaranty.  Try the Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme in your home – if you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it for a “no-questions-asked” refund less applicable restocking fees.


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