The KYK Genesis

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A funny thing happened in 2010.  Not really so funny for consumers looking for this top-selling water ionizer.  Not really funny for the industry either.

If you’ve been looking for this popular, best selling water ionizer model, this article will answer the questions surrounding the disappearance of the KYK Genesis and the proliferation of knock-offs out there today.

In the Beginning

The KYK Genesis was originally imported and sold by Water for Life USA who was the exclusive United States importer for KYK brand water ionizers.  The KYK Genesis became so popular that Water for Life completely dropped their flagship model, the KYK Harmony and exclusively sold the 7-plate KYK Genesis.

Then, in 2010, WFL’s import agent ended his association with KYK in Korea.  Water for Life USA chose to stick with their import agent over KYK, the manufacturer that the company had built its reputation on, and instead followed their agent to EOS, a parts manufacturer and supplier for the water ionizer industry in Korea.

Around the same time WFL was planning its conversion from KYK to EOS, representatives with EOS also began courting other importers in the United States for contracts.  The result was the launch of the IonQuench 8080.

The IonQuench was the same basic water ionizer as the original KYK Genesis only redesigned with fresh silver and white casing.  Consumers who were turned off by the red and black styling of the original KYK Genesis flocked to the IonQuench with no clue of what was about to happen in the industry.  They couldn’t know.  No one could have known what was to come.  Except maybe EOS.

Ethics & Debacle

Shortly after the IonQuench took the US water ionizer market by storm, WFL launched its EOS product, the Genesis Platinum.  Again, this model was the KYK Genesis all over again only repackaged in the new silver and white design and this time with an upgraded power system – taking the unit from 150 watts to 300 watts.  EOS  got away with having two exclusive product distributors by making minor changes in the control panel, filter chips and power.  While “technically speaking” this could be considered acceptable, from an ethical standpoint it was just downright wrong.

The US now had two water ionizers from the same manufacturer that were virtually identical.  This was unacceptable for both Water for Life USA and IonQuench.  A bidding war ensued and ultimately, EOS was the main beneficiary.

In the meantime, KYK completely disappeared from the market.  Owners at IonQuench, unhappy with the ethics of EOS and how the debacle they created over exclusive import rights to their products in the United States, decided to take the KYK opening left when WFL abandoned the manufacturer.

KYK had a proven track record for quality, service, support and consumers were very satisfied with their KYK water ionizers.  KYK USA was quickly formed and work began on revamping the original KYK Genesis for the US market.

The result was the KYK Generation II.  KYK USA opted to go with the new silver/white styling, increased the wattage from 150 to 250 watts and modified the filtration system so that calcium sulfite was no longer used.  The new KYK Generation II also carried a 7-year warranty covering both parts and labor.

Knock-off or Real Deal?

The Genesis Platinum is still out there but is considered by most to be a “knock-off” of the original KYK Genesis.  Customers looking for the same quality and reliability that made the KYK Genesis a best seller are turning with confidence to the new KYK Generation II.

KYK Generation II customers have been satisfied with the quality and performance of the newly redesigned model.  Return rates are low and issues requiring return for repair have been even lower.

The bottom line?  If it doesn’t say “KYK,” go the other way!

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