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Tyent USA has brought many innovations to the water ionizer industry.  From electrode design to usability to warranty and available power, the company has been a true pioneer, bringing advanced technology to the market.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Tyent’s product technology and how it has pushed this company to the top in market awareness and customer satisfaction.

Electrode Design

Originally, the electrodes –or plates as they are commonly called – in most water ionizers were a simple “flat” design.  Made of solid sections of platinum-coated titanium, they got the job done but research soon opened up “texture” as a more popular alternative for producing quality ionized water.

“Textured” plates – often lumped into a single category called “mesh” – were available in multiple forms.  From mesh texturing applied to solid plates to platinum-coated titanium plates that were made in a mesh design to slotted plates, manufacturers found that applying some type of texturing enhanced ionization capabilities.

Tyent USA took an innovative approach with a mesh-hybrid style of the electrode.  The electrodes are solid titanium with small holes cut into the plates at specific intervals.  When the holes are cut the plates go through a double “dip and bake” platinum coating application process.  This ensures full effective coverage of all plate surface areas with long-lasting adhesion of the platinum coating.

This “hybrid-mesh” design allows for the texture of the plates with less loss in actual surface area.  Unlike true “mesh” design, the likelihood of premature wearing off of the platinum coating on peaks of the mesh surface is significantly reduced – which is why you find Tyent offering the longest effective warranties in the industry.

Ease of Use

Most water ionizers in the industry have a “default” setting system.  In some cases, when a unit is turned on it “defaults” back to the very last setting used – whether that level was suitable/safe for drinking or not.  Other “default” settings take the user back to the last setting used that was considered safe for drinking.

In either case, for a user to produce acidic, neutral or alkaline water at the level they want to be required toggling through the available preset options if the “default” was not at the level they needed at that time.  In some cases, water ionizers that defaulted back to the last setting used increases the risk of users filling containers intended for drinking with acidic water or alkaline water that is too strong to be considered safe for drinking.

The on/off mechanism for Tyent water ionizers is the user’s selection of the pH level of water they want to produce.  Each and every preset icon on a Tyent water ionizer is an on/off button itself.  Producing alkaline or acidic water – or purified water – is done by touching the icon indicating the pH level the user wants at that time.

This type of technology ensures users get the level of water they want at each use with significantly reduced risk of producing the wrong type of water for use or consuming acidic water by mistake.

Tyent USA Warranty

While industry warranty standards hover at the 5-year mark covering both parts and labor, Tyent stands out with lifetime warranties on their newer water ionizer models at no additional cost.  Where some companies offer extended warranty programs for an additional charge, you’ll never pay extra for Tyent’s lifetime warranty.

The company’s ACE-13 and 11-Series water ionizers come with a lifetime warranty covering original owners for as long as they own their unit.  Should a Tyent TURBO model owner who purchases their unit through an Authorized Tyent Dealer ever have any performance issue with their water ionizer, Tyent USA repairs or replaces any parts necessary for as long as they own the machine.

The quality and reliability of the parts, manufacturing, and technology used to make every Tyent water ionizer allow the company to feel confident enough in the long-term performance of their products to offer these extended warranties at no additional cost to consumers.

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