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Every water ionizer will require some basic maintenance to ensure water quality and long term performance of the unit.  So what type of maintenance does the KYK G2 water ionizer require?

Let’s take a look…

Filter Replacement

The internal filters in your KYK G2 water ionizer will need to be replaced about every six to nine months, depending on how much water you are producing.  Replacing the filters only takes a few minutes – you may want to have a pair of needle-nose pliers handy.

Removing and replacing one filter at a time is recommended.  Each filter is clearly labeled “filter 1” and “filter 2” however if you remove both at the same time you may forget which filter goes into which position.

Start by opening the first filter panel using the latch release on the side of the unit.  You’ll need to remove the electrode that monitors the filter life – a pair of needle-nose pliers will make it easier to hold the tab down on the electrode to remove it.

Once you have removed the electrode, remove the filter and then install the matching replacement filter.  Reconnect the electrode and then re-secure the filter door.

Repeat this process to replace the filter on the other side of the unit – removing the filter door, removing the electrode, replacing the filter then reconnecting the electrode and putting the filter door back in place.

Because filter life is monitored through the electrodes there is no filter life indicator to reset like with most other water ionizer models.  The electrodes will let the G2’s computerized control system know that new filters are installed and the unit is ready to use again.

Once the filters have been replaced you will want to run a flush for several minutes.  Turn the unit on using the purified setting and allow water to run until it is clear.  Fresh filters will have loose carbon particles inside – once the filters are saturated no more trace carbon particles will be released into the water and it will flow clearly again.

Internal Cleaning

KYK recommends using a cleaning cartridge once every 12 to 18 months – or once every 6 to 9 months in hard water areas.  The cleaning cartridge effectively removes scale buildup from inside the unit and dispenser hose, flushing it out of the system completely.

To run the cleaning cartridge you will remove the electrode from the #2 filter.  At the top of the filter is a small computer chip.  You will want to pop the chip out and put in the cleaning cartridge.  The G2 will not run if the filter electrode is not connected to the computer chip.

Install the cleaning cartridge in the G2 in place of the #2 filter and connect the electrode.

If you do not want to remove the chip from the #2 filter, install the cartridge and place the #2 filter on top of the unit so that you can reconnect the electrode to the filter.  If the electrode is not able to read this chip the unit will not turn on.  You will want to have a towel handy to place under the filter to prevent water from leaking out of the filter and into the unit.

Once the cleaning cartridge is installed and the electrode has been installed and the electrode has been connected, set the water at your faucet to hot.  The water should not be scalding hot – a temperature that you would use for washing dishes is sufficient.

Divert the hot water to the unit and turn the unit on using the purified setting.  Allow the unit to run for 20 to 30 minutes to circulate the citric acid powder through the system which will loosen and flush out mineral scale buildup.

After 20 to 30 minutes, switch the water temperature back to cold and allow the G2 to continue running at the purified setting until the water coming from the dispenser hose is the same temperature as your cold tap water.

Once the temperature of the water coming from the dispenser hose of your G2 water ionizer has returned to normal, turn the unit off and reinstall the #2 filter.

After reinstalling the #2 filter, allow the G2 to run for another minute or two for a final flush of the system.

If your KYK G2 is connected directly to the cold water line you can still use the cleaning cartridge.  Hot water makes the cleaning more effective but it is not necessary.  If you still have the faucet diverter that came with the unit, you can shut off the water supply below the sink using the T-adapter and “reinstall” the unit using a length of hose and the faucet diverter – if you have a kitchen faucet that isn’t compatible with the faucet diverter you can move the unit to another sink that has a compatible faucet.

Another option is to allow the unit to “soak” with the citric acid solution inside.  Just run the unit with the cleaning cartridge at the H2O setting for 5 minutes, then shut the unit off and block the acidic drain hose so that the water stays inside the unit.  Let the unit soak for up to an hour, then resume the cleaning process outlined above.

Using a cleaning cartridge at recommended intervals keeps the electrodes free of scale buildup which creates a barrier between the electrodes and the water.  As this barrier gets thicker over time, you will start to notice that the water is no longer being ionized at the same levels.

If you notice that your KYK G2 water ionizer isn’t ionizing as well as it used to – and you’ve never performed an internal cleaning – try running a cleaning cartridge.  Chances are your KYK G2 will start producing ionized water like a brand new machine.

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