KYK Generation II Review

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For the past two years, KYK has been the best selling water ionizer among most multi-brand dealers.  With so many water ionizer makes and models available, what has made KYK the number one choice among most buyers?

It’s simple economics.  “Bang for your buck.”  The KYK Generation II, and its predecessor, the KYK Genesis offer more features and options than almost any other water ionizer in its price class – and even more features and functions than you find on more expensive models.

Premium Features

For the $1,695 price tag – lower than the average water ionizer purchase price – you get 4 alkaline, four acidic and one neutral preset, dual filtration and up to 250 watts of power delivered through 7 platinum-coated titanium electrodes.

Each of the alkaline presets can be adjusted so that the unit produces the desired pH level.  Another unique feature on the Generation II is the ability to adjust the unit’s “incoming water” pH level as well.  Some tap water is slightly alkaline, some is slightly acidic.  This has an effect on any water ionizer’s performance.  The Generation II water ionizer addresses this issue by allowing you to set the source water pH in the advanced settings, letting the unit know whether it is working with source water that is slightly alkaline or slightly acidic.

Advanced Dual Filtration

Inside the KYK Generation II are two multi-stage filters designed to remove most common contaminants from the water prior to ionization.  This sulfite-free filtration system even has media for fluoride reduction.

Fluoride is difficult to remove from source water and, as with any water ionizer, requires a specialized pre-filter for reduction at higher levels.  The KYK Generation II is the first water ionizer to feature media specific to fluoride reduction in the internal filtration system.

Your remaining filter life is always visible on the control panel of the unit.  Seeing the remaining filter life available in liters on the screen helps you stay prepared for filter change time.   You know when to order replacement filters so you’ll have them on hand when it’s time to change them.

Filter life is monitored by a computer chip inside each filter.  When you install the filters you connect an electrode inside the machine to each filter.  This ensures the most accurate filter life indication.  Connecting the filter electrode is as easy as plugging a phone cord into the wall – just press it in.  To remove, press down on the tab – just like your phone jack – and pull out.

Installation & Maintenance Options

The standard installation for the KYK Generation II is the same as any other countertop water ionizer.   Water is supplied to the unit through a hose connected to a diverter which attaches to the tap at your sink.  Not everyone is happy about having a clunky diverter hanging from their tap with a hose running to the water ionizer.  And others have more modern faucets which don’t offer easy or attractive compatibility with the standard diverters available for water ionizers.

The KYK Genesis lets you “free your faucet” with an direct connect installation option.  Your KYK Generation II water ionizer will still sit on your countertop.  The difference is instead of getting water through a hose connected to the tap, water is supplied directly from the cold water line below the sink.

This installation requires a small hole, just over ¼” in diameter, to bring the water supply line up from below the sink, and an extra part for plumbing the water supply line directly to the cold water line.  This part is available for around $20 from KYK-USA or most Authorized KYK Dealers.  No special plumbing skills or tools are required for this alternate installation – just a pair of pliers.  You’ll add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to the initial installation time – but the convenience is priceless.

Warranty & Money Back Guaranty

While the industry standard warranty is 5 years, KYK-USA goes beyond that with a full 7-year warranty covering both parts and labor for as long as you own your KYK Generation II.  When purchased from an Authorized KYK-USA dealer, the company will make any repairs necessary should original owners ever have performance issues with their unit.

Still not sure about the KYK Generation II?  KYK-USA offers a 60-day money back guaranty.  Try it in your home.  If you are not completely satisfied with the product, simply return it – no questions asked – and you’ll be refunded your purchase price less any applicable restocking fees.

Ready to try the KYK Generation II for yourself?  Just find an authorized KYK-USA dealer.  In most cases the unit will be shipped to you same day or within 24 hours of placing your order.

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