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Although KYK products had been sold in the US for many years – and were the number one choice for US consumers – KYK USA was officially launched in August of 2010.

Prior to that time, the products were sold through another distributor in the US who, without warning or reason, decided to switch to another product line in April of 2010.  Customers looking for the top selling KYK Genesis were lost and confused until KYK USA brought the popular water ionizer back in August of the same year.

Before re-launching the KYK line in the United States, KYK USA made improvements to the products making it even more desirable to consumers.

Gone was the old red/black styling.  Instead consumers were offered a less conspicuous silver and white unit which blended in better with kitchen décor.  The effective wattage was increased from 150 to 250 watts and the warranty was extended from 5 years to 7 years covering both parts and labor.

An even more significant change was in the filter materials used.  Calcium sulfite, a concern for many, was used in the original KYK filters.  As part of the upgrades, KYK eliminated calcium sulfite in the filters.

Although KYK had advised shortening the advertised filter life to ensure effective filtration for the full usable lifespan of the internal filters, the original distributor chose not to make these changes.  KYK USA took the precaution of adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendation of a shorter filter life to ensure the safety and quality of the water.  The company also reduced the cost of the filters to help offset the shortened filter life.

In Korea, KYK is one of the top selling water ionizers in the country.  KYK water ionizers can be found in hospitals and medical facilities throughout Korea.  This has made KYK products popular among the Korean public as well contributing to the brand’s success.

The original KYK Genesis is now sold through KYK USA as the KYK Generation II.  Although confusion over the name and distributor change softened sales somewhat in 2010, the KYK Generation II is quickly growing to the same level of sales and popularity as the original KYK Genesis.

KYK USA offers full sales, customer service and technical support with the repair and service center located right here in the United States.

Return rates have been very low – as with the original KYK Genesis – and issues requiring returns for repair have been rare.  In all cases, KYK USA has backed the KYK Generation II 100 percent.

The company offers a 60-day money back guaranty allowing customers sufficient time to try the KYK Generation II in their homes to ensure their satisfaction with the product.  Every KYK Generation II customer’s investment is protected by KYK USA’s 7-year warranty covering both parts and labor.  Should a KYK Generation II customer ever experience a performance issue with their unit, KYK USA will repair or replace any parts necessary to restore the unit to optimal performance levels.

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