Shopping for a Water Ionizer? Read This First

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If you’re in the market to buy a water ionizer, then it’s worth bearing in mind a few tips. If you buy wisely, a water ionizer can last a lifetime, so let’s look into how to get the very best deal.


Shopping for a water ionizer... read this first


1. Keep the Best Company

Buy from a company that cares about its customers. How do they answer the telephone when you call them up? Do they know their water ionizer stuff when you ask them a question? Do they score highly with their customer feedback? A company can sell the best water ionizers in the world, but if they’re offhand, absent or unhelpful when you call them, or if their customer feedback highlights a bunch of issues, give them a pass. Should your water ionizer need a replacement part or similar, a year or five down the line, will this company actually give you the customer support you need?

2. Water Ionizer Main Features and Why You Need Them

When investing in a water ionizer, there are many corners that should never be cut, but two of them should be considered non-negotiable:

  • Filtration – make sure that your water ionizer filters out the dangerous, health-threatening contaminants that we read about in the press. Look for companies who carry filters that remove the majority of lead, mercury, uranium and Chromium-6 – all present in the tap water of millions of American homes.
  • Plates – you need the biggest and most powerful plates possible to maximize electrolysis and ionization potency. Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates are the strongest, most resilient and powerful on the market – go for these every time.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed?

If a water ionizer company only offers a five-year guarantee, ask yourself why? A company that believes in its products should be prepared to guarantee them for a lot longer than that. However, a ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ from a company that only sold its first water ionizer 6 months ago isn’t exactly a great proposition either. The dream combo? A Lifetime Guarantee from a company that’s well established with a significant customer base and a solid reputation. Now that’s a guarantee worth seeking out.


So, to summarize: buy from an established company with great customer care; that offers a peace-of-mind guarantee and well-built, powerful water ionizers that dispense safe, delicious alkaline water.

Tall order? There is a small subset of companies that meet these criteria, so be sure to check our favorite water ionizers here. Have you recently been searching for your perfect ionizer? What’s your experience been like? Let us know in the comments.



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