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Since the company’s initial launch, Tyent USA has been setting new standards in the water ionizer industry.  Innovations in style, usability, warranty and technology are company hallmarks.

In the past, customers considering a water ionizer were faced with a slew of clunky devices from which to choose – none very appealing to discriminating buyers looking for a product that would not only perform well but blend in with their kitchen décor.

Like Never Before

Never before had customers been offered true “one-touch-operation” or intuitive advanced settings options.  Never before had customers been offered options in color to help this new technology better blend with their home and kitchen décor.

Tyent’s “Forever Guarantee” was revolutionary in the industry. Based on the reliability of their machines and low repair rates,  Tyent went beyond every other company in the industry and began offering lifetime warranties on their TURBO models.

Some companies were offering “limited” lifetime warranties, covering parts and labor for the first five years and then only the cost to repair or replace parts after the first five years of ownership.  Tyent stepped up in a big way offering original owners full lifetime warranties that covered both parts AND labor for as long as they owned their Tyent TURBO water ionizer.

Signature Ease of Use

One of the signature features of Tyent technology is “ease of use.”  One of the most minimal control panels on any water ionizer yet by far the most functional, every Tyent water ionizer offers true one-touch operation.

There is no on/off button to activate before each use.  The on/off mechanism for Tyent water ionizers is the user’s selection of the pH level they want to produce.  A single, light touch applied to one of the control panel icons is all that is required for a Tyent water ionizer to begin producing water at any level.

Where most other water ionizers have a “default” setting – at each use the unit reverts back to the last safe drinking setting or last setting used – Tyent’s “no-default” feature means that anyone who uses the unit will get exactly the level of water they want with a single touch – no toggling between settings to produce the desired alkaline or acidic level.  Just one touch to the icon for the type of water they want to produce.

Powerful Performance

Tyent products use the latest in technology and the highest quality parts and materials – which is why they are confident enough to offer lifetime warranties on their products.  With options of seven or nine electrodes and wattage ranging from 180 to 375 – depending on the model selected – every Tyent water ionizer is capable of producing quality alkaline and acidic water in almost any source water area.

The TURBO function allows customers to significantly boost power for producing the strongest levels of alkaline and acidic water for cleaning, cooking and other household uses without the need for chemical enhancers.  Chemical enhancers used by other water ionizer companies render the stronger waters unusable for cooking.  Consumers are unable to take advantage of the additional benefits that using strong alkaline water offers when used in recipes or making coffees, teas or other drinks.

Quality Products, Quality Company

The Tyent product line is backed by a full team of sales, customer and technical support professionals.   The company’s service and reliability have made it the fastest growing water ionizer company in the industry.

Tyent USA has kept up with the demand for their products by continuing to expand their staff to ensure that every customer, every dealer, and any technical support or service issue is addressed quickly, effectively and to the complete satisfaction of each and every customer.

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