Tyent MMP 7070 Turbo Water Ionizer


Operates at a maximum of 285 watts of power for producing strong levels of alkaline and acidic water Advanced computerized control system for ease of use and consistent system performance All primary presets can be customized based on source water and user preference Dual filtration system

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Although slim, the unit is tall to accommodate the large internal filtration sytem Designed for placement to the left of the sink - you'll need to purchase an extended dispenser hose if you plan to place the unit to the right of your sink Unit comes with "standard" .1 micron filtration - .01 micron filtration is available as a separate purchase

Base Line

The Tyent Turbo 7070 is a solid performer with most of the advanced features we like to see in water ionizers. Good filtration system, easy to use, fully adjustable. Very attractive design. Customers purchasing a Tyent Turbo 7070 should be very satisfied with their choice.


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