Pets and Alkaline Water

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Pets can benefit from alkaline water too.  Just like humans, poor quality food and environmental toxins can have an impact on their health.

In this article we’ll discuss the appropriate levels of alkaline water for pets and other ways you can use your water ionizer to help your pets live long and healthy lives.

Giving Your Pet Alkaline Water

In most cases, the lower levels of alkaline water are best for pets.  Water at an 8.5 to 9.0 pH level is most often recommended.  If you have a pet suffering from an injury or illness, giving them water at levels up to 9.5 can help their bodies fight off infection and heal.

Just like with humans, you should never give your pets alkaline water at or near mealtimes.  A good water ionizer will be able to produce water at a neutral level – where water is filtered but no ionization is taking place.  This water is recommended for pets at mealtime or within 30 minutes before or after meals.

Giving your pets alkaline water at or near mealtime can neutralize the stomach acids necessary to breakdown their food so that their bodies can absorb the nutrients.  If you are giving your pets alkaline water with or too close to their meals you could be preventing them from getting the nutrition they need from their meal.  You could also be setting yourself up for some unexpected messes in your home.  Just allow a 30-minute buffer before and after meals before putting down a bowl of alkaline water for your pets.

If you have a dog or cat with a long coat, you know that keeping the fur around the face – and the other end – can be a challenge at times.  Strong alkaline water can help pull food particles, mud, dirt and other “gunk” that gets caught there, out of the fur.  The water is gentle, non-toxic and won’t irritate eyes or skin like some store-bought cleaning products can.

Acidic Water Uses for Pets

“Hot spots” due to allergies or fleas can be a problem throughout the year for many pet owners.  Most pets will lick off any ointment you use just as soon as they get away from you.  A healthier, easier and more affordable alternative is to spray those areas with acidic water.

Acidic ionized water relieves the pain and stinging of burns and bites on your skin – it can also soothe the burning, stinging and itching that pets suffer from allergies or insect bites.  Because it is non-toxic and contains no chemicals, there is no limit to the number of times it can be used each day.  A little strong acidic water in a small spray bottle can be kept handy – as soon as you see your pet chewing on an area, spray it.  The cool water will immediately relieve the burning/itching and the acidic content of the water will help heal the area – or prevent it from getting worse.

At some point, every pet ends up with some sort of cut or scrape.  And sometimes the groomer gets a little too close to the skin with the clippers.  Treating these areas with acidic water will speed the healing process and help prevent infection.

Finally, after bathing, a quick rinse with acidic water will help keep their coat healthy and shiny.

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