Mercola Schooled on Ionized Water?

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Water ionizer users were shocked when Dr. Mercola came out with a newsletter edition claiming that alkaline water was a potentially “dangerous fad.”  Most in the industry addressed his poorly thought out and obviously un-researched claims – but those were comments from the industry.

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A more recent edition of Mercola’s newsletter featured an interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington who has extensively studied water and its impact.  Dr. Pollack’s “theory of water” has been called “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking” by many.  He had a different take on the potential benefits of drinking alkaline water.

The focus of the interview was on the importance of water inside the cells and cellular structure.  In his newsletter and the subsequent article on his website, Mercola seems to take great pains to avoid the mention of alkaline water, alkaline ionized water or ionization for restructuring water.  Instead the focus remains on the importance of structured water and various ways structured water can be created – leaving “ionization” out completely as a possible “restructuring” option.

Pollack is a firm believer of the importance of proper cell structure and the impact of water structure.  He has even done research involving delivering an electrical charge to the water to create restructuring.  In the industry we call that water electrolysis or water ionization.  Pollack states that he and his team have done pilot studies which have not yet been published and his research in this area continues.

As far as the benefits of structured water remaining structured after it has been consumed, Pollack uses a “Jello” analogy:

“For example, if you eat Jell-O, Jell-O is just filled with this kind of water,” Dr. Pollack says. “The reason why the water doesn’t dribble out of the Jell-O is because it sticks together into this liquid crystalline-structured fashion.

So it’s possible that when you swallow properly structured water… it might be preserved. If this structure is then absorbed into your intestines then it’s possible it can be retained all the way into your cells.”

Despite his interview with Pollack about the potential benefits of “structured water,” despite the widely accepted fact that “structured water” is “alkaline ionized water,” and despite Dr. Pollack’s lengthy discussion of using electricity to deliver a charge to water for restructuring (electrolysis/ionization) you will still find a link below the interview article to an article called “Avoid this Type of Water Purification.”

In this linked article Mercola maintains his position that “drinking alkaline or  ionized water is not a healthful choice.”  And from within this article you will find a link to his original newsletter article where he teams up with Houston Tomasz from AquaSana to declare alkaline ionized water a “dangerous fad.”

The Bottom Line

Ionization or “electrolysis” is widely accepted as an effective method for restructuring water.  “Ionized water” is known by many names – hexagonal water, micro-clustered water, kangen water, alkaline water, and of course “structured water.”

No one is 100% sure why Mercola seems to have taken such a dislike to the concept of alkaline water as beneficial to health.  He has offered no research to support his theory.  In fact, his interview with Dr. Pollack seems to support the theory that ionized water is actually beneficial for health.  I guess if Pollack had called it “ionized water” or “alkaline water” instead of structured water it would be easier for Mercola to understand – or at least more difficult for him to declare as “unhealthy.”

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