Mercola Mayhem

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Dr. Mercola has long been respected as a valid resource for alternatives to traditional medicine and prescription medications.  With his history as an outspoken proponent for natural and alternative medicines many were shocked by his claims that drinking alkaline water could actually be a “dangerous fad.”

Baseless and Irresponsible

In one issue of his widely distributed and read newsletter, Mercola stated that drinking alkaline water could actually be dangerous.  He cited a lack of research and studies verifying the benefits of the water or examining the long-term effects of drinking alkaline water.  These are the same two issues the traditional medical community has used to attack the use of alternative medicines promoted by Mercola and others like him.

While Mercola has stated repeatedly over the years that the lack of certain research was no basis to ignore the potential benefits of alternative treatments, apparently he felt that the same does not hold true for alkaline water and its potential benefits.

After reading this particular issue of his newsletter, where Mercola claimed to have researched alkaline water and its benefits, I could find no one in the industry who actually spoke with him or anyone researching on his behalf.  His claims of potential dangers posed by drinking alkaline water seem baseless.  In fact, research has been done – mostly in Asia where alkaline water is widely accepted and used – and the benefits have been documented.

Why the Bashing?

Speculation runs rampant but most attribute Mercola’s bashing of alkaline water to his associations.  In his newsletter discussion of the subject he brought in the owner of a company that sells water filtration products.  Add to that the fact that Mercola sells, endorses or represents many interests in bottled supplements and no one in the water ionizer industry and many were left assuming it was a “profit-based” decision.

In a later interview with a gentleman widely recognized for ground-breaking research on water structure, he brought up the alkaline ionized water controversy again.  This time he was set straight on the subject.  Somewhat.  While he did not appear to attempt to challenge what was being said, he offered little to nothing in the way of admission that alkaline ionized water could (even potentially) offer any real health benefit.

While it is doubtful his position on alkaline water lost him many followers, it did bring his credibility into question.  Most assume that his articles are well researched and chocked full of good solid information.  If he could be so far off base on the subject of alkaline water, if he could publish something with no real research into the subject, how many other “endorsed products” have been promoted with the same lack of research?

Alkaline water has been used in Asia for decades to treat and prevent illness and disease.  You find alkaline water being used in medical facilities, by healthcare practitioners and by individuals in their homes.  In the US, we have high hurdles to overcome before anything “alternative” is accepted for use in this way.  Don’t take my word for it – ask Mercola – he’s been complaining about the medical community’s failure to accept alternative medicines for years.  Which is why it was so shocking for so many to such a harsh position from him on the benefits of alkaline water.

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