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With 2012 among us, we decided to make some predictions with regards to what you should expect in this promising year.  Our team took a collective look at past trends and compiled a 2012 alkaline water outlook to help benefit our readers.  2011 has been a fantastic year for alkaline water with huge growth in the water ionizer sector.  The list below is what we believe you can reasonable expect for 2012.

1.) Continued growth of alkaline water ionizers –  Despite attempts by crafty salesman of competitive products who try to create doubt in the mind of the water ionizer consumer, we expect triple digit growth in this sector for 2012.

2.) Increased prices – With the demand for high quality water ionizers continuing to grow, reputable companies are continuing to raise the bar.  Higher quality components and cool new features will likely cause prices to rise by up to 10% or more.  If you have your eye on a particular alkaline water ionizer, just know that you may have to shell out a few extra coins in 2012.  The benefits of ionized water are priceless, so  don’t hesitate to get one for you and your family.

3.) Impostors galore –  Alkaline drops, non-electric units, weird filter concoctions and who knows what else “impostor” companies will create to compete.  The get rich quick guys will  come on even stronger in 2012.  Their scare tactics, misinformation, and pseudo science may feel like it makes sense in some instances, but just know, that anyone telling you that alkaline water created from an electric water ionizer is anything but life changing simply cannot and should not be trusted.

4.) Newcomers – With the popularity of alkaline water growing, you will likely see some new alkaline water companies appearing in 2012.  New is good, but just be sure to check out the company in depth, and remember to utilize our water ionizer checklist to your best advantage.  The last thing you want is a new company with a great product  that won’t be around a year later to sell you replacement filters.  Look for stability, and you will be glad that you did.

5.) Mergers and acquisitions – We have a feeling that some of the better alkaline water ionizer companies out there may be merging to create a monster in the industry.  This could be just a hunch, but its not ; )

6.) Bottled alkaline water – We expect a high number of bottling companies to appear in 2012.  With high prices ($2.00) per bottle, we simply can’t make sense of drinking bottled water over fresh alkaline water.  After all, the benefits are most prevalent fresh from the tap of an electric based water ionizer.

7.) Healthy people – With the increased awareness of alkaline water, we expect a healthier 2012.

8.) Decline of source water – It seems like less and less is being done by municipal authorities these days.  With so many unregulated contaminants in our water, pre-filters, shower filters, whole house filters and portable filters will become even more popular than they already are.

9.) Smart shoppers – Even though we expect alkaline water ionizers to go up in price, a few units out there are already priced too high.  A certain MLM company is gouging consumers with their chemical based, outdated water ionizer.  With more and more information available online, consumers won’t be so quick to pay double just to pay over inflated commissions.

10.) Discovery –  The number of uses for alkaline ionized water is ever growing.  We hear about new and exciting uses everyday that stem well beyond just drinking.  The benefits of the acidic water product from an electric based water ionizer is nothing short of a miracle as well.  Alkaline drops, non-electric units, hydrogen sticks, and other gimmicks simply can’t provide  both alkaline and acidic water, and the acid water is just too fantastic to live without.

So there you have it .  Our predictions for 2012 are written in stone. It will be interesting to see how the year unfolds.  Check back in for great new articles and resources every week.  We hope 2012 will be a fantastic year for you and yours.

Now go drink some healthy, alkaline ionized water!


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