Nasal Congestion and Sinus Relief

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While friends and family tell me I’m “one of a kind,” when it comes to sinus congestion I’m just like most Americans.  For the past year or so I’ve been using ionized acidic water to treat my stuffy nose, drainage and sinus headaches.

Although colds are have become infrequent since I started drinking ionized alkaline water, at certain times of the year, when I travel or when I’m exposed to certain air pollutants I end up with a stuffy nose, sinus drainage.  If I don’t act quickly enough I can add a pounding sinus headache to the list.

Why I Avoid Decongestants

If you’re a man who has had any prostate problems you may have already discovered this for yourself – if not, pay attention the next time you take an over the counter or prescription allergy treatment.   I noticed – every time, without exception – when I took a prescription or over the counter medication to treat nasal congestion or allergy symptoms my prostate problems got worse.

When faced with the choice of not sleeping because I couldn’t breathe through my nose or not sleeping because of frequent trips to the bathroom to not be able to empty my bladder, I’ll choose lying awake breathing through my mouth every time.

You don’t have to take my word for this – just search “allergy medications + prostate” and you’ll find all the data you need to back up the connection between allergy medicines and prostate problems.

When I was younger, I used nasal sprays on a daily basis.  It seemed the more I used them, the more I needed them.  Finally research came out that showed these sprays did actually cause users to become dependent on them to prevent nasal congestion.

What I’ve Found that Works

Since getting my first water ionizer about four years ago, I’ve been experimenting with both alkaline and acidic ionized water for everything from growing plants to baking.  At some point, I thought of snorting acidic water to try and get some relief from my sinus congestion and drainage.  I wasn’t surprised when it worked but I did wonder why I hadn’t tried it sooner.

In the beginning, I was “snorting” the water – I’d collect a little in the palm of my hand, put my nose to it and snort.   Now I use an eye-dropper to put several drops of ionized acidic water in each nostril.

After snorting or putting a few drops into each nostril, sitting with my head tilted back for several seconds lets the water get as far into the sinuses as possible.  If not pressed for time I’ll add a few more drops to each nostril and sit with my head tilted back for several minutes.

Sitting up may come with the urge to sneeze – at the very least you’ll want to blow your nose.  Regardless, the pressure relief is almost instant.

I’ve used ionized acidic water ranging from 3.0 to 5.5 pH with similar results at all levels.  The stronger the acidity, the more effective the treatment seems to be.  Because there are no chemicals or medications with restrictions on the use the treatments can be repeated as often as needed throughout the day.  No side effects, just relief.

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