Men’s Health: Treating Jock Itch

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Most men have dealt with the burning and itching of jock itch at some point.  If you are an athlete, live in a warm, humid climate or work in the heat, then jock itch may be a frequently ongoing problem.

Ionized acidic water can treat and prevent the condition.  It’s a cost-effective cure for jock itch and can be applied throughout the day to relieve itching and burning.

Over-the-counter treatments can be found in most drug or grocery stores but if you have a recurring problem, the cost can add up.  Ointments can be messy and “squishy” and powders – well, while they may be okay for use at home or at the gym, they can be cumbersome and messy for quick treatments during the day.

If you have a good quality water ionizer, you’ve probably got the best, most affordable treatment for jock itch right in your kitchen – as bizarre and that sounds.  If you or someone in your home uses strong ionized alkaline water for washing produce or making coffee, your jock itch cure may be going right down the drain!

Strong acidic water can relieve the pain and itching of jock itch while eliminating the fungus that causes it.

Ionized Water Jock Itch

Washing the affected area with strong acidic water helps eliminate the fungus responsible for jock itch.  Applying an acidic water compress – using a clean washcloth and strong acidic water – to the area will relieve burning and itching on contact in many cases.  Once the area has been treated either by washing or using a compress, most can actually see a difference immediately – less redness.

After showering, rinse the affected area with strong acidic water.  If possible, apply a compress for up to 5 minutes.  Then pat the area dry and put on a fresh pair of clean, dry underwear.

For flare-ups during the day, applying acidic ionized water to the area using a small spray bottle will relieve the burning and itching and continue the fight against the fungus.  If possible, use the spray bottle to create a compress and treat the area for up to 5 minutes.  Then pat dry with a clean dry cloth before covering the area and getting back to your day.

At the gym, keep a small spray bottle of strong acidic water in your bag.  After showering, spray the area liberally and allow the acidic water to stay in contact with the area for a minute or two before patting dry with a clean dry towel.

At work, keeping a small spray bottle handy will offer quick relief of burning and itching.  Find an appropriate place and give the area a light spritz of ionized acidic water for quick relief.  Pat the area dry before redressing and getting on with your day.  If necessary – and if you’ve got the privacy at work – use your spray bottle to make a small compress and let it stay in place for a few minutes.  Again, be sure to pat the area dry with a clean dry towel before returning to work.

Other Tips to Speed Healing

  • Keep a spare pair of clean, dry underwear with you.  Treat the area in the middle of the day or afternoon and then put on a fresh pair of clean, dry underwear.  Be sure to pat the area dry with a clean, dry towel before redressing.
  • When bathing, be sure to rinse the area thoroughly as left-behind soap residue can cause irritation and itching.  Then treat the area with strong ionized acidic water by using it as a rinse, compressor, or by spraying the area.  Just be sure to pat the area dry with a clean, dry towel before dressing.
  • Treat the area at least twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – and use your spray bottle at the gym or throughout the day to relieve burning, itching flare-ups.
  • Corn starch is a clean and natural powder that can be used to keep the area dry.  Choose it over powders that can have chemicals or fragrances that may actually cause more irritation.
  • No squishy creams or ointments, no messy powders.  Just clean, pure ionized acidic water to relieve irritation and help heal the area.


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