Kangen Water Facts Part 2

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This is the second in a series of articles designed to separate the facts from the misinformation spread by Enagic water ionizer representatives.

“Kangen Water” is a phrase trademarked by Enagic as the term used for the water produced by the company’s water ionizers.

Most in the water ionizer industry agree, Enagic has done a lot to promote awareness of water ionizers and the potential benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.  Unfortunately, most in the water industry will also agree that no other company allows its representatives to propagate more misleading information about these products and other companies.

Today we’re going to look at claims that “Kangen Water Machines” can run all day long without overheating, higher flow rates and certain product reviews and endorsements by respected individuals.

Enagic Water Ionizers can Run all Day without Overheating

That’s a big statement.  And there is a possibility that it is true – personally, I don’t know anyone who has run ANY water ionizer all day long.

But here’s the actual claim from Enagic’s corporate website:

Electrolysis Capability (continuous use) approximately 30 minutes at normal room temperature

You’ll find that exact statement under the “product specifications” bar for every Enagic water ionizer in their “Technology” section.  The Super SD501 commercial model, the Enagic SD501, Leveluk DXII, Leveluk JRII and the Enagic SunUs all have “30 minutes” listed as electrolysis capability continuous use.

Nowhere on the official Enagic website (Enagic.com) will you find any statements claiming that these machines can operate “all day” or for extended periods of time.

Enagic Water Ionizers have the Highest Flow Rates

That depends on what type of water you want to produce.  Very few water ionizers are sensitive to the rate at which water flows through the unit.  The key is “effective” flow rate.  Most water ionizers, Enagic included operate optimally at a flow rate of around 2.5 liters per minute.

If you view the product specifications on Enagic’s corporate website you’ll see that the flow rate varies based on which model you are using and which pH level you want to produce.  With most water ionizers, you are able to produce the extreme pH levels (both acidic and alkaline) without the use of any sort of enhancer solution but it may be necessary to slow the flow rate.  The same is true with Enagic water ionizers – except you need to use one of their enhancer solutions to produce the extreme pH levels.  And because you are using an additive you will not be able to use the strongest alkaline water for cooking.

Product Reviews/Comparisons & Endorsements by Inventors & Entrepreneurs

I try to give a little break to some Enagic representatives – especially the newer ones.  They are just learning and just don’t know.  But in this case, representatives are being downright misleading in their implications that Ray Kurzweil has done water ionizer comparisons and found Enagic to be superior and other brands to be significantly inferior.

In this “ruse,” shoppers are informed of Mr. Kurzweil’s credentials and reputation.  They are then directed to a webpage  with “Ray Kurzweil Q&A” near the top of the page.  Below that you find water ionizer comparisons – chocked full of misinformation about multiple water ionizer products.

What it takes most awhile to realize is that the “Ray Kurzweil Q&A” text is actually a clickable link to an interview Mr. Kurzweil did about alkaline water.  If you do happen to click on that link you will find Mr. Kurzweil’s thoughts and feelings about alkaline ionized water – why he uses it, why he believes in it.  He even addresses “debunkers” of alkaline water.  It is a very good interview and very positive for the industry.

What you won’t find – not in the article and not anywhere on the internet (and I’ve spent a LOT of time searching) is Mr. Kurzweil endorsing any one water ionizer brand OR any product reviews or comparisons OR any comments that he has made claiming that any one machine or product line is superior or inferior to any other.

When speaking with an Enagic representative, it’s always a good idea to consult the corporate website to verify the information. Well-intentioned representatives can be lead astray by overzealous members of their upline who may not share their ideas about to land a sale.

Go a step farther – check to see if anyone other than a representative from that particular company is making the same claim.

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