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Can’t afford Enagic’s SD501?  I’m sure your independent Enagic representative will offer you the next step-down model, their  DXII.   Here we’ll take a look at the company’s step-down DXII Model in comparison to other water ionizers in the same price range.

At just under $3,300 the Enagic Leveluk DXII  is supposed to be the next best thing available for customers who don’t have the budget for the $4,000 “Kangen Water Machine.”  Enagic representatives claim that the high price-tag is because the machine is better made using better components and can produce alkaline water unlike any other water ionizer.

What exactly do you get for the $3,280 cost of a DXII?  Here are the specs as stated on the official Enagic website compared to specs on two other water ionizers in the same price range.

Enagic DXII Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme
Plates 5 electrodes 9 electrodes
Plate Design Flat – Platinum Coated Titanium (*“flat” plate designation no longer listed on official Enagic Website) Hybrid-Mesh
Maximum Wattage 200 watts 375 watts
Flow Rate
  • Kangen Water (9.5pH)  4.1 – 7.1 liters/min (*represented as 1.1 – 1.9 gallons per minute on official Enagic Website)
  • Acidic water: (5.5 – 4.5pH) 1.1 – 2.3 liters/min (*represented as .3 to .6 gallons per minute on official Enagic Website)
  • Strong Acidic water: 0.4 – 1.1 liters/min (*represented as 0.1  – 0.3 gallons per minute on the official Enagic Website)


1.5 to 3.0 liters/min at all pH levels
pH Level Selections 7 total:  4 alkaline, 1 neutral, 2 acidic 8 total:  4 alkaline, 1 neutral, 3 acidic (including turbo alkaline/acidic levels)
pH Range 2.5 – 11.0 1.8 – 13.0
Filtration System Single Filter (5” height x 1.5” radius) Dual filters (each filter 8”height x 1.25” radius)
Alerts/ Announcements Voice, LCD screen text and active level light indicator on control panel Voice, LCD screen text, LCD screen color
Information available on LCD Screen pH Level  selection
  • pH level selection
  • flow rate
  • filter life
  • time in use
  • voice alert on/off indicator
  • filter door open/close indicator
  • additional indicators for advanced settings adjustments


Advanced Adjustments/ Settings None available Voice on/offVolumePower settings within each preset
Certified as Medical Device in Country of Origin Yes (Japanese Ministry of Health & Labor) Yes (Korean Food & Drug Administration)
Cost $3,280 $3,499(often found on sale for $2,695 – $2,995)
Warranty 3 years parts & labor (warranty can be extended by 3 years parts & labor for an additional $250 or extended for 3 years to include coverage of damage caused by enhancer solution for $400) LIFETIME covering parts & Labor

Enagic’s Leveluk DXII requires the use of a chemical enhancer solution for producing strong acidic and alkaline levels.  The literature that comes with this model and the enhancer solution states that water produced using this enhancer solution should not be consumed.  Tyent’s 9090 TURBO Extreme models require no additives to produce the stronger alkaline or acidic levels of water.  It may be necessary to slow the flow rate somewhat to achieve the strongest pH levels in some areas but this is true with the Leveluk DXII as well – only there is no ongoing cost for chemical solutions to produce these levels.

Also in the $4,000 price range is the Tyent UCE-9000T under counter water ionizer.  This model allows you to put the actual water ionizer itself under the counter with only the faucet that dispenses the water showing above the counter.   The faucet offers full control over every aspect of the unit’s operation:  pH level selection, voice alert function on/off controls, volume controls, advanced settings for adjusting the individual presets.  The faucet also displays remaining filter life, time of day and pH level in use is indicated by both voice alerts, on-screen readout, and screen color.

The full retail price of the UCE-9000T is $3,999 but it can often be found on sale for $2,999 to $3,499 – if you can find the UCE-9000T on sale you can get a lot more machine and convenience for the money when compared to the Leveluk DXII.

Like the other Tyent TURBO models, the 9000T also comes with a lifetime warranty covering both parts & labor.  Additional comparative specs on the machine – 9 platinum/titanium plates, 375 watts of power, dual filtration.

If you are thinking about stepping down from Enagic’s SD501 model to their Leveluk DXII model for budget reasons, it’s worth taking time to look into a few other products from other companies in the same price range.  You can get a lot more machine for your $3,300 elsewhere, and a lot better warranty.

Again, when compared to other water ionizers in the $3,000 – $3,500 price range, Enagic seems to fall short here when compared to other water ionizers at comparable pricing.

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