Ionized Water for Household Cleaning

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If you’re just using your water ionizer to produce alkaline water for drinking you are missing out on the “household cleaning” benefits you have available right at your tap.

Both alkaline and acidic ionized water can be used for cleaning and sanitizing.

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Most people are aware of the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Many others know that the acidic water produced by most water ionizer can be used for treating a variety of skin conditions, including emergency first aid for burns and cuts.

Many people are still unaware that a water ionizer can also produce water suitable for many household cleaning purposes.

Uses for Alkaline Water

Alkaline water produced at the highest settings is a powerful cleaner.  The same properties that draw toxins from the body can also draw dirt, oils and stains from fabrics.  Carpets, clothing, furniture – when applied, alkaline water can draw out the stain.

On carpets, saturate the stained area with alkaline water then use a clean cloth to dry the area.  Pressing firmly or ‘dabbing’ the area will draw the alkaline water and the stain into the cloth.  Traditional carpet cleaning solutions leave chemical residues in the carpet fibers which continue to pick up dirt.  If you’ve ever used this type of product to treat a carpet stain you know that often that treated area actually gets dirty faster than the surrounding areas.  This is because the chemical residue continues to attract dirt to that one area.

Alkaline water is just water.  No chemicals – any dampness left after you have cleaned a stain will evaporate leaving no residue.  Once the area has been cleaned it stays as clean as the rest of your carpet.  No chemical residue worries for your pets or children.

The same method can be used for removing stains from furniture and clothing.  Dampen the soiled area with strong alkaline water and soak up the stain with a clean cloth.  For clothing, rinsing the area with strong alkaline water will help rinse away the stain.


There are two accepted methods for disinfecting surfaces.  One is “removal” which involves removing any germs or bacteria from the surface.  The other is “killing” which involves killing  bacteria.

For “removal” disinfecting, spray the area with strong alkaline water.  Again, just as the water absorbs toxins from your body, its low surface tension also absorbs contaminants on household surfaces.  Wiping the area dry with a clean cloth after spraying with strong alkaline water can remove 99% of germs and bacteria.

If you have a water ionizer powerful enough to produce acidic water at a 2.5 or lower pH, this water can kill most germs and bacteria on contact.  Spray the area with strong acidic water then wipe clean.   If your water ionizer doesn’t quite reach the 2.5 pH level, you can still use acidic water for disinfecting.  The milder acidic water won’t kill on contact.  You’ll need to allow it to sit for a couple of minutes to kill the germs and bacteria before wiping the area dry.

Also, adding citric acid powder or crystals will drop the pH of the water to the 2.5 level.  Just dissolve a small amount of citric acid in the water.  The amount of citric acid you use will depend on the starting pH of your ionized water.  You’ll want to experiment a bit to make sure your pH testing drops show a good strong red color when added to your citric acid cleaning solution.

Don’t have a water ionizer yet?  Contact an authorized dealer and ask which models offer the broadest pH range so you’ll have ionized water suitable for cleaning as well as drinking.  You’re going to be saving money on bottled water – why not save on household cleaners as well?  Ionized water is a clean, safe, non-toxic way to keep home clean.


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