Important Facts about Alkaline Water

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Before you let anyone sell you on the pros or cons of so-called “alkaline water” or alkaline water scams please read this article.

This purpose of this article is to arm you with the information you need to recognize misinformation and false claims about alkaline water, ionized water, and water ionizers.

Most Important Thing to Know

The health benefits and claims that likely lead you to research “alkaline water” are based on the properties of ionized alkaline water, not alkaline water.

What’s the difference?

Alkaline water is nothing special.  In fact, in many areas of the country, the alkaline mineral content of the water is so high you can get alkaline water right from the tap.  “Alkaline water” is simply water with a pH that is higher than the neutral range of 7.0 to 7.5.

Ionized alkaline water has been restructured at the molecular level through the process of electrolysis or “ionization” using a device called a water ionizer.  Water ionizers deliver an electrical current to the water as it passes through the devices internal electrolysis (ionization) chamber.  Inside the chamber this electrical current “charges” the minerals (ions) in the water.

Minerals that carry a negative charge are drawn, as dissolved charged particles in the water, to one portion of the electrolysis chamber and dispensed through one outlet as ionized alkaline water.  Minerals carrying a positive electrical charge are drawn the same way to another portion of the chamber and dispensed through a second outlet as ionized acidic water.

The negative charge carried by the minerals in ionized alkaline water are largely responsible for the reported health benefits of the water.  This negative charge gives the water antioxidant properties which helps scavenge free radicals in the body that cause oxidation and premature cellular decay.

Without the electrical charge delivered during the process of ionization, alkaline water is just water with an abundance of alkaline minerals.  Ionization charges these alkaline minerals to create the powerful antioxidant properties that support healing and slow cellular degeneration.

Because these antioxidant properties are found in the alkaline stream produced by water ionizers, non-professionals rushing to cash in on the growing water ionizer industry began referring to this as simply “alkaline water.”

Alkaline water or ionized alkaline water.  Know the difference.

How “They” Try to Trick You

“They” are largely made up of water filtration companies and skeptics exploiting the over-simplified terminology used by many non-professionals in the water ionizer industry.   The success of the water ionizer industry and  results reported by water ionizer users has had an impact on the water filtration industry.  Within the water filtration industry you have companies providing partial or misleading information in attempts to “debunk” ionization technology.   Others attempt to cash in on the term “alkaline water” by creating specialized filtration systems that add alkaline minerals to the water, claiming their filtration systems can produce the same type of water a consumer would get from a water ionizer.

Here are a few facts that will guide you through some of this type of confusion…

  • Water ionizers do not produce “artificially alkaline water” – there is no such thing as artificially alkaline water.  Water ionizers create “alkaline water” by attracting water containing dissolved alkaline minerals to one pole inside the unit and water containing dissolved acidic minerals to another.  Nothing is added, there is no “Franken-science” involved, it is just a well documented and frequently used method of water treatment.
  • No well-trained or respectable water ionizer dealer or representative is claiming that “alkaline water” reduces acidity in the body or cures any disease.  Ionized alkaline water helps the body maintain its pH balance by providing antioxidant properties which help the body eliminate the toxins that weaken the immune system, cause premature aging and age related disease and inhibit healthy organ function.
  • Non-electric water ionizers are not really “water ionizers.”  These are filtration systems that introduce alkaline minerals into the water and use magnet and ion-exchange elements to give the water a mild electrical charge.  They are no “safer” than a true water ionizer nor do they create the same level of antioxidants found in water that has gone through the electrolysis process.
  • Drop a magnet and some minerals in your bath and you’re okay.  Drop an electrical cord in your bathtub and that’s a different story.   The concept that any non-electric filtration system can produce the same level of antioxidants found in water that has been passed through a water ionizer is completely absurd.  Non-electric water ionizers are an example of savvy filtration companies looking to profit from the known and accepted benefits of ionized alkaline water.
  • Water ionizers have been safely used by consumers in the United States for almost 15 years – and have been used in medical facilities and homes in Asia for decades.   Most research into ionized water has been done in Asia and there have been no reports of rampant health issues caused by water ionizers in the United States or Asia.  On the contrary, research consistently shows benefits to both overall health in general and in the treatment of specific illnesses.
  • Ionized water is structured water.  The electrical charge delivered to the water during ionization causes the water molecules to cluster in hexagonal structures.  Alkaline water filtration devices restructure water using ion exchange and magnetic materials inside their systems where water ionizers use an actual electrical current for higher quality.
  • The terms “hexagonal water” and “structured water” are used interchangeably to describe the molecular restructuring of water that occurs during the ionization process.  When you see “structured water” in reference to alkaline or ionized alkaline water this refers to the hexagonal structure the water molecule clusters form as a result of the electrical charge delivered during the ionization process.
  • Claims of health benefits have been researched and proven in multiple studies throughout Asia.  These claims are supported by health care professionals and researchers in the United States who specialize in treating age-related disease and life-extension health protocols.  Please see the article “Alkaline Water – What the Experts Say” for reference.
  • Most common ionized alkaline water “debunkers” use misleading information.  Frequently they exploit the “alkaline water” misnomer or use other inaccurate phrasing.  In most cases, their basic premises are accurate however they are not based on true or accurate applications of water ionizers as used by consumers, researchers or healthcare providers on a daily basis.  Please see the article “Alkaline Water and Chem1 Claims” for reference.
  • “Alkaline water” and “ionized water” or “ionized alkaline water” are not the same things.  Alkaline water is water that contains enough alkaline mineral content to raise the pH above neutral on the pH scale.  Ionized water or “ionized alkaline water” carries an electrical charge with antioxidants that are responsible for the well-documented benefits described by researchers and users.

Consult a Reputable Professional

While this website has a wealth of information about ionized alkaline water and the benefits of owning a water ionizer, you may still have questions.  A reputable water ionizer company or dealer will be able to answer just about any questions you might have about water ionizer technology and the uses and benefits of ionized water. In addition, make use of the free Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide available for download which offers a convenient, easy to use checklist of must-have features as well as a wealth of information on alkaline ionized water itself.

Whether you are talking with a professional water ionizer industry representative or a simple water filtration company, don’t let anyone pressure you into making a decision.  A reputable professional should never make you feel pressured into making a decision or make you feel that you are doing yourself or your family a disservice by going with another product.

Bottom line, the decision is yours.  Just make sure you are basing your decision on accurate information, not hype or misleading information and you should be able to avoid alkaline water scams or anti-ionized water scare tactics.

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