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“Green” is in.  It’s the buzzword of the decade.   As more and more consumers consider the “green initiatives” of the companies and businesses they use, more and more industries are looking for ways to label themselves as “eco-friendly” or “going green.”

water ionizer

The hotel/hospitality industry is fast discovering the benefits of commercial water ionizers in their green initiatives.  While the original goal was to achieve a level of “green status” in the community and among patrons, many are discovering additional benefits of applying commercial water ionizer technology.

From the ‘green’ perspective, using acidic ionized water eliminates the demand for strong chemicals that ultimately go right back into the eco system.  Traditional chemicals used for cleaning and sterilizing also contribute significantly to plastics building up in landfills.  Reducing the amount of chemicals and plastic waste going back into the environment is only one of the many benefits.

Employee Impact

The hypochlorous acid generated by commercial water ionizers is non-toxic and non-irritating to skin or mucous membranes.  Housekeeping employees are no longer exposed to chlorine and ammonia fumes given off by the chemicals in traditional cleaning solutions.

Guest Impact

While most guests can appreciate the level of clean implied by the smell of cleaning chemicals, they can be overwhelming.  Guest rooms, meeting areas and common areas are effectively sanitized without long-lingering fumes or odors.

Often, “rushed” cleaning leaves excess residue that can damage clothing or cause mild irritation.  Because hypchlorous acid dissipates quickly, there is little or no residue left on surfaces in hotel rooms, common areas or other areas of the facility where guests or employees might be exposed.

Guests are offered an truly eco-friendly hotel.

Financial Impact

Commercial water ionizers generate hypochlorous acid using regular tap water and salt.  This provides a powerful sanitizing solution “on tap.”  The cost of purchasing chemicals for cleaning is virtually eliminated.

Glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners and all-purpose cleaners can all be replaced by the strong acidic water (hypchlorous acid) produced by the commercial water ionizer unit.

“Extra Clean”

Because there are no harsh fumes to inhale irritation of the skin or mucous membranes, this “self-generated” cleaner can be used more frequently by more personnel in all areas of the facility.

Front desk areas can be cleaned repeatedly during the day, reducing germs and bacteria without irritating fumes or lingering odors.  Food service and prep areas can also be sanitized more often without leaving residues or odors.

The user-friendly nature of strong acidic water and cost effectiveness of it as a cleaner and sanitizer increases the possibilities for more frequent cleaning of common areas where germs and bacteria are left behind by guests and staff.

Environmental Impact

One of the key reasons any company looks for “green alternatives” is to reduce their impact on the environment.  Traditional chemical-based cleaners not only produce fumes that linger in the air but are washed down the drain to reenter the eco-system.

The vast majority of containers used to transport and store cleaners and disinfectants will end up in landfills across the country.  Most are plastic, which means they will exist in the environment longer than the people and companies who send them there.

Hypochlorous acid produced by commercial water ionizers for cleaning and sanitizing leaves no lasting impact on the environment.  This strong acidic water is produced “as needed” and leaves no lingering residue on surfaces or in the air.  It is non-toxic, safe for contact with skin, non irritating to mucous membranes and requires no special precautions for handling by employees at any level.

Truly a green solution.

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