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When considering whether or not a water ionizer is a good investment for your home, don’t stop at the benefits of drinking alkaline water.  Water ionizers also produce water that can help address many common skin conditions.

Every time you draw a glass of alkaline ionized water to drink you are also producing a topical treatment that can help improve the condition of your skin.  Here are some tips on using your water ionizer to achieve healthier skin, inside and out.

Here are some tips on using your water ionizer to achieve healthier skin, inside and out.

Ionized Water and Your Skin

Many people report an improvement in their skin’s tone and texture after they start drinking alkaline water. Better cellular hydration means “plumper” cells which can create visibly healthier skin.  This is also how skin moisturizers work – adding moisture through the skin to soften and hydrate the surface skin cells.

To produce the alkaline water you drink for better hydration and antioxidant potential, water ionizers separate the water.  Inside the electrolysis chamber, alkaline minerals are drawn to one side and the water carrying them is dispensed through a primary outlet for drinking.  The water containing acidic minerals is drawn to the other side of the electrolysis chamber and dispensed through a secondary outlet.

Most people let this acidic water go down the drain assuming it has no real value.  The fact is, while the inside of your body benefits from the alkaline content of the water, the acidic byproduct is actually beneficial to your body’s surface skin cells.  By collecting the acidic water being produced when you dispense a glass of alkaline water, you are providing yourself with a chemical-free, all natural skin conditioner and toner.

Facial Moisturizers and Acidic Water

After your regular facial cleansing routine, wipe your face well with a soft cloth saturated with acidic water.  Ring the cloth out and repeat one or two more times.  Leaving the skin slightly damp with acidic water, apply your regular moisturizer along with any serum you may use.

The first thing you will notice is that serums and moisturizers seem to penetrate the skin more quickly.  Serums in particular can rest on the surface of your skin.  In some cases women stop using them because they tend to “pill up” and roll off when they apply moisturizer on top of them.

By doing the acidic rinse after washing your face you are removing any traces of residue left behind by your cleanser.  Your cleanser may have removed dirt, excess oil and makeup from your face but in most cases they will leave behind a slight residue.  This residue prevents moisturizers from effectively penetrating the skin.

The acidic rinse/wipe clears away this residue so that your moisturizer comes in direct contact with skin cells for more effective hydration.   Most who had problems using skin “serums” found that the acidic rinse eliminates the “pilling” problem.

By using acidic water as a rinse or toner after washing your face you are allowing your skin to get more of the benefits from any moisturizing treatment you use.  Your moisturizer will absorb more quickly and effectively which can offer better results from your daily skin regimen.

Full Body Conditioning

Acidic water works the same for the skin all over your body.  That water that comes from the drain hose when you are getting alkaline water for drinking – pour it into a spray bottle that you keep in your shower.

Just like with facial cleansers, soaps and shower gels – moisturizing washes in particular – can leave a fine residue on the skin which prevents your body moisturizer from being absorbed effectively.  Also, consider your shampoo and conditioner.  When you rinse your hair, that shampoo and conditioner you just used runs down your body before going down the drain.

Is rinsing the conditioner out of your hair the last thing you do before get out of the shower?  If so, the conditioner you used on your hair is likely leaving residue on your skin.

After toweling dry, spray a generous mist of acidic water all over your body and then lightly pat dry with a clean hand towel, leaving the skin slightly damp.  Or, like with the facial rinse, you can use a soft cloth that has been saturated in acidic water to wipe the skin down – removing both residue and dead skin cells.

Now your skin is truly clean and ready to soak up the benefits of your body moisturizer.  Most report that lotions and oils seem to penetrate the skin more quickly.  Even when using oils as a body moisturizer the “greasy feeling” is often reduced as it is being absorbed directly by the skin with no residue blocking the surface.

Getting More from Your Moisturizer

For some, moisturizers and “beauty treatments” seem to go farther as they are seeing the same results using less.  For others, their usage remains the same but they enjoy far greater benefits from their moisturizing treatments.

Drinking alkaline water is a good way to reduce the free radicals inside the body that cause a breakdown of skin tone and texture.  The hexagonal structure and microclustering of alkaline ionized water also allows for better hydration of the skins cells – helping improve the look and feel of your skin from the inside.

Using acidic water as a rinse or toner after cleaning your skin removes residues that may be preventing your moisturizers from effectively penetrating the skin.

By using alkaline water “inside” your body and acidic water “outside” you are giving yourself healthier skin, inside and out.

Not All Water Ionizer Produce Acidic Water

Only water ionizers that produce alkaline water using the process of electrolysis will produce acidic water.  If you have been considering a non-electric water ionizer or an “antioxidant water filter” to save money be aware that you will not have acidic water for skin conditioning and other practical uses.  Non-electric water ionizers and antioxidant water filters only add alkaline minerals to the water to elevate the pH.  They do not maximize the benefits available from the acidic minerals that are found in most tap water.

To get the most out of your water ionizer investment, consider the benefits of having a water ionizer that will produce both alkaline and acidic water.  It’s not just what you put in your body, it’s also what you put on your body.

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