Why Alkaline Water Does a Body Good

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The common concept of how alkaline water benefits the body is this:  Drinking alkaline water reduces acidity.   This over simplification has proven rich fodder for alkaline water debunkers and left people looking for ways to improve their health confused.  Is drinking alkaline water really better than drinking any other kind of water?

This explanation of how alkaline water works in the body should help clear up any confusion about whether or not drinking alkaline ionized water can actually help you achieve better health.

Impact on Health & Wellness

Fresh from the ionization chamber, the minerals that make alkaline water “alkaline” are still carrying the electrical charge.  In the alkaline water or water ionizer industry, this negative charge is referred to as ORP or “oxidation reduction potential.”

Oxidation reduction potential is just what it sounds like – the potential for reducing oxidation.  Oxidation is the process which ages or breaks down cells.  Water that has recently gone through the ionization process will carry this negative charge or “oxidation reduction potential” and when consumed, actively seeks out positively charged oxidizing elements in the body.

Aging and disease occur when oxidizing elements are ravaging our cells more quickly than they can regenerate or heal themselves.  This is why there is so much in the news about the importance of eating foods rich in antioxidants – and why companies are getting rich selling supplements and products “loaded with antioxidants.”  Alkaline water that has been ionized is not only “loaded with antioxidants” but, courtesy of the ionization process, has been restructured so that it is better absorbed by the body.

Antioxidants vs Antioxidant Water

Taking antioxidant supplements is only as effective as the absorption rate of those supplements.   Eating foods rich in antioxidants is a healthier approach but the digestive  process for breaking down the food so that your body can get the antioxidants actually results in oxidation – a little like taking two steps forward and one step back.

The micro-clustering and hexagonal structure of alkaline water that has been ionized allows for better absorption of the water and its antioxidant properties.  Think of sifting granulated sugar through mesh versus powdered sugar.  Now think of the cells of your body as the sieve.  Just as more powdered sugar will pass through the sieve than granulated, due to the size of the particles, alkaline water that has been restructured through ionization penetrates the cells of the body at a higher rate than water with larger molecular clusters.

The result is a higher rate of absorption of the water, the antioxidant properties created through ionization as well as the alkaline minerals in the water.  The body becomes better hydrated.  The antioxidants in the water help the body eliminate acidic waste that both breaks down cells and can weaken the body’s immune system.

The end result for the body is improved health through better hydration and a steady supply of antioxidants – both scientifically proven to help reduce the signs of aging, boost the body’s immune system and improve the body’s overall health and performance.

To learn about water ionizer options available for your home, contact an authorized water ionizer dealer.

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  1. Kay Stenberg

    Thanks . The salesman gavean enthusiastic promotion for alkalie water and when asked about the chemilstry involved, said he did not know what happened only that tje water was changed from water with acids to water with alkali. Thank yo u for more on the actual mineral info….Most of the sales are “Just try it yourself……” Maybe your info can help people to whom it aounds like scam city…..Thanks

    • Glad you found the article helpful. If you’re shopping around be sure to find a dealer who understands how these units work and how the water works. A good water ionizer dealer will be knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you might have about using the water after you receive your ionizer as well as offer technical assistance should you need it.

  2. So, which “machine to buy?” I’ll be dang if i’m going to spend 4 grand on a machine even if it does carry a certification of being a medical device. And I have not heard about 9.5 level losing it’s “punch”
    after 2-3 days. Am I correct in thinking that the reduction is due to the electrical charge diminishing?
    The “free” 9.5 water I’m getting has not made a differance in my health. I drink 3-4 quarts a day.
    Of course it is not consumed from the achine but from the storage containers I bring home.

    • Most people spend far less than $4,000 for a water ionizer. You can get a good water ionizer for $1,600 – $2,100.

      There could be several reasons you’re not seeing results from the water you’ve been getting. How and where it’s stored makes a difference, the machine producing the water may not be producing water at the proper level. Ionized water will always offer the most benefits when you drink it straight from the machine – still I know a lot of people who get the water from a local distributor and see results within the first few days just drinking the stuff that’s been sitting in jugs.

  3. Mitzi

    Our human body’s stomach acidity is somewhere between a ph of 1.5 to 3.5, therefore, anything that hits the stomach is going to become non alkaline in the stomach no matter what the ph is of the water you drink.


    please advise if alkaline water can be purchased and where.
    my girlfriend has breast cancer and having chemo treatments.
    she was told that alkaline was good for this. thank-you
    and regards, Bronson Turner.

  5. Melissa Garcia

    I’m 40yrs old and a single mother of three I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon n liver cancer in June 2013…. I heard about alkaline water from my daughter who goes to college in AZ…. I’m currently without medical insurance and I financially tied as I haven’t been working since April 2013 and without an income since sept 2013…. My daughter said that she researched your product and it’s great for cancer patients …. How much is your product and do you have samples … Do you have an affordable filtration system ?

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