Alkaline Water and Longevity

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People choose to start drinking alkaline water for many reasons.

While many are looking for solutions to chronic illnesses or to address a recent diagnosis, more are making the alkaline water choice for long-term benefits,  slowing or preventing the onset of many age-related diseases.

Ideally, we all want to live long, happy and active lives. We want to be mobile, self-sufficient and capable – both mentally and physically.  And no one likes the prospect of spending their social security or retirement checks just to cover the cost of their prescription medications.

Of all the reasons people choose to drink alkaline water, its potential benefits as we grow older may be one of the most sensible.

The Aging Process

Almost everything we do will contribute to aging.  Eating, exercise, work, dealing with day to day stresses – both large and small –  all produce free radicals in our body which ultimately lead to the signs of aging.  Genetics, lifestyle and life choices that we make all impact the rate at which we age – or begin showing our age.

When you eat a meal – healthy or otherwise – as the body breaks down the food to absorb the nutrients, free radicals are produced.  Healthy food choices and sensible portions can help reduce the impact.  Studies have been done on restricted portion sizes and types of food.  The findings showed that the group that was allowed to eat ‘freely’ had higher body weights and showed signs of aging that were considered normal to slightly higher than normal based on age.  The control group that was on restricted diets had lower body weights – which was expected – but looked considerably younger, were more active and more agile.

The primary focus of the study was on the effect of free radicals produced through eating and digestion.  Restricted diets required less “work” by the body for digestion producing fewer free radicals scavenging the body and breaking down cells.

Another trigger for aging is stress and our environment.  From toxins in the air, water and the foods we eat to “toxic” people and situations in our lives, as an industrialized nation we are bombarded by toxins and stresses that cause our body to work overtime to balance.

Air filters, water filters, and personally imposed “friends & family” filters can help reduce exposure to some toxins.  Making smarter choices in what we eat, the way we eat and incorporating appropriate exercise regimens can help reduce the impact.  Still, as adults we have years of exposure resulting in cellular damage and aging.  And if you work in an office, there’s little that can be done about stresses imposed by bosses and co-workers there.

The Alkaline Water Solution

Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has unique properties that help the body eliminate toxins from the body.  The restructuring of the water also makes it easier to absorb – along with the vital minerals found in most source water.

Higher absorption rates mean better hydration.  Better absorption of minerals like calcium and magnesium can help slow the rate of bone loss and maintain muscle function.  The better the quality of the water you consume, the easier it is for the body to eliminate waste produced during digestion.

The electrical charge used to produce alkaline water during ionization creates negative hydroxyl ions which are known to scavenge the free radicals which cause cellular damage in our bodies.  This powerful antioxidant can help prevent excess cellular damage which ultimately leads to premature aging and age-related disease.

There has been a lot of research done on the power of antioxidants in the battle against age related disease.  Perhaps the biggest reason people choose to make the switch to alkaline water is the antioxidant benefit.  Through the process of ionization, regular tap water is converted into antioxidant-rich water.

Many people suffering from age-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and pain in bones, joints and muscles have experienced noticeable improvements in their conditions.  Many others who have not yet reached the point of having age-related disease symptoms are choosing to incorporate alkaline water into their diets as part of their life-extension program.

We all age.  But we don’t have to age prematurely.  And we don’t have to resign ourselves to spending our later years financing our prescription drug regimen.  Drinking alkaline water offers increased hydration, valuable minerals and powerful antioxidant properties that have been proven to reduce the signs of aging and prevent or treat many age-related diseases.

It is important to remember that not all alkaline water is created equal.  An electrical charge is required to produce the antioxidant benefits.  When shopping for alkaline water sources, it’s best to look for a water ionizer capable of producing a sufficient electrical charge to create the antioxidant properties that will help you win your personal war on age-related disease.

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