Dehydration increases despite bottle water sales growth

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For years health professionals have been beating the “drink more water” drum and it hasn’t all fallen on deaf ears.  With the body being made up primarily of water (95% of your brain, 82% of your blood, and 90% of your lungs) it seems like a logical idea that hydrating it will keep this machine moving forward in the right direction.  Bottled water sales have skyrocketed and most consumers have at least one plastic bottle in their car right now.  But oddly enough, Americans are now more chronically dehydrated than ever.  With obesity, disease and dehydration on the rise one might be drawn to believe that even clean water and organic food won’t be able to put humpty back together again.  In a recent study it was found that out of the 10 bottled water companies reviewed there were a total of 38 harmful chemicals found in the water with the average of 8 per manufacturer.  Fertilizer, caffeine, arsenic, and fuel propellants are just a few of the toxic ingredients in many “natural spring water”.  Tap water comes in even lower than bottled water with pharmaceuticals, fluoride, heavy metals, human waste, and worse.

But wait a tick: what if the acidic, nutrient vacant water that we are purchasing at a rate of 38 billion bottles per year isn’t actually hydrating us?  What if the tap water we wash our organic produce in is actually adding in the harmful chemicals we were trying to avoid?  If hydration is so important how do we get truly hydrated?

Though new to most mainstream Americans, alkaline water has been used extensively in other parts of the world for dozens of years.  Created from a water ionizer, alkaline water is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water, super-oxygenated and loaded with age-defying antioxidants.  Cells are able to regenerate more quickly and the result is younger looking skin and better elasticity.  Studies have proven that people in Eastern cultures enjoy a longer healthier life with fewer instances of cancer, stroke, obesity, and heart disease.  It is interesting to note that the primary food sources in Asia are organic and the beverages of choice are water and tea.  Superior water and clean food is the solution to a well balanced lifestyle.

In order to properly hydrate your body you will want to increase the amount of alkaline water you drink and decrease the amount of acid you take in.  For your body to reach its peak performance level you should eliminate excess toxins and acidity from your blood.  Alkaline water improves the transport of vital nutrients through your blood and helps eliminate harmful waste.  Other benefits include increased brain function (remember, your brain is 95% water), better absorption of vitamins and nutrients, and faster recovery from exercise and exertion.  When your body is hydrated the right way you reduce your risk for injury during daily activities.  By choosing to drink alkaline water you will be supplying your body with critical nutrient-rich water.

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