Alkaline Water and Athletic Performance

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Alkaline water is quickly replacing “energy drinks” as the best on-site option for staying hydrated and improving performance.  Elite athletes are discovering the performance-enhancing benefits of alkaline water.  And not just “on the field.”  By drinking alkaline water throughout the day, regardless of their training competition demands they are able to keep their bodies hydrated and balanced before, during and after strenuous workouts.

Just like the rest of the body, muscles perform best within a narrow pH range.  Everything from digesting a meal to extreme physical exertion produces free radicals in the body which deplete oxygen and pH, increasing acid levels in the body.

On a day to day basis, drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain its proper pH balance.  When it comes time for physical performance, the body is starting from a healthier, more balanced place extending the effective workout time before muscle fatigue begins to set in.

Muscle Use & Acid Production

As muscles work, acids and CO2 are produced, decreasing the muscle pH.  Once muscle pH dips below the 6.5 level it is no longer able to function.  As the muscle creeps closer to that 6.5 pH level, you start to feel the pH drop in the form of muscle fatigue.   The body is naturally wired to maintain proper pH balance however during a workout, acids are being produced at a rate higher than the body can effectively handle.

An alkaline water regimen helps to maintain optimal blood and muscle pH levels when the body is in a resting or low activity state.  By starting at an alkaline state, effective performance times are increased and the longer it takes for muscle fatigue to set in.  Rehydrating with alkaline water during a workout helps the body balance the excess acids being produced by the muscles, extending peak performance time.

Everyone from elite athletes to “weekend yard work warriors” has felt the pain of post-exertion  muscle pain.   Overworked muscles and acids produced can cause soreness for days.  By rehydrating with alkaline water immediately after exertion and maintaining an alkaline water regimen, muscle pain and the length of time you feel it can be reduced.

Shortened Recovery Times

Elite professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are enjoying greater endurance and better performance.  They also find that post work-out fatigue is reduced dramatically – or eliminated all together – and recovery times are shortened significantly.

Traditional methods of hydration and electrolyte replacement do little to address the issue of acid produced during exertion.  Instead, the gear the body up to continue to do more and produce more acids.  In fact, many popular sports drinks contribute to dehydration as the sugars and carbohydrate content prevent absorption of fluids.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is antioxidant water which helps rid the body of the acids and free radicals produced during performance.  The smaller water clusters allow the body to absorb the water at a higher rate – and the minerals in the water carry an electrical charge for electrolyte replacement.

Athletes using alkaline water before, during and after performance reduce incidents of muscle soreness, have shortened recovery times and don’t experience the “crash” often associated with many sports drinks.


  1. Harold Wilson Jr

    I just started useing this water and I can tell the difference already I workout daily and I don’t
    have pain that I somtimes would get after a workout. I think their is something real true about
    this water.The doctors and the companies that make the drugs don’t want America to know about
    anything that will cure us they are only interested in the bottom line money and lots of it.
    Our GOD was not a stupid god he made everything to cure every decease on this earth.
    I will not take a pill from a doctor no matter what

  2. Great article. if more athletes understood this information, how much better would their performances be.

  3. Great article. More athletes need to understand this information. Any one looking to improve their health or athletic performance, drinking alkailine water is the way to go.

  4. melissa

    I’ve been drinking alkaline water for about nine months now, I knew about how it helped rid my body of excess acid and balanced my ph levels, however, I just started working out again and couldn’t figure out why I’m not nearly as sore as I used to be. Makes sense now.

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