Water Ionizer of the Year!

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A brand new year is upon us and it’s time for us to announce the 2019 Water Ionizer of the Year!

Who Is The Water Ionizer Of The Year?

The winner of AlkalineWater.com’s 2019 Ionizer of the Year Award… the 11 Series from Tyent USA!


Water Ionizer of the Year


A brand new addition to the 11 series from Tyent USA is the ACE-11 water ionizer. It’s an above the counter machine. It is smaller in size than its friend, the MMP-11.

The ACE-11 also features a faster flow rate, front load filters and the super cool smartphone-like screen you’ve come to love with Tyent water ionizers.

The top under-the-counter water ionizer is the UCE-11 from Tyent USA.

Tyent machines continue to outperform all of the latest models from all of the major brands in several categories.

We have added a few different judging categories this year. Check it out!

1) User-Friendly

The ACE-11 and the UCE-11 are very simple to use. Both machines have easy touchscreen operation and their screens are modeled after a smartphone and just look really cool. Both machines feature voice commands, which is a great feature. We found that the ACE-11 and UCE-11 water ionizers are very easy to program and to adjust based on different types of source water.

2) Water Cell and Plate Size, Design and Material

We are still the most impressed with the plates of the ACE-11 and UCE-11. We have found the most beneficial plate design to be the titanium, solid/mesh hybrid plates which are dipped multiple times in platinum. The water cell inside of the Tyent machines is superior to other machines we tested. Tyent’s water cell is easy to service and clean due to the fact that it’s screwed and not glued. Tyent’s water cell also wastes less water than its competitors.

3) Filtration

Dual filtration is the way to go! Tyent machines continue to have two of the biggest filters in the industry which filter out an impressive amount of contaminants. We are very pleased with Tyent’s updated filtration report. You can read the full updated filtration report here: Tyent USA Filtration Report

4) Hydrogen

We are starting to hear more buzz about hydrogen in ionized alkaline water. There are several studies which correlate hydrogen with positive health effects. Hydrogen actually can stimulate the body to produce more of its own antioxidants. Tyent water ionizer machines are able to generate ionized water with generous levels of hydrogen.


water ionizer of the year

5) Price

Tyent water ionizer machines are still the most competitively priced machines on the market.

Tyent machines stand the test of time, and that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Tyent’s lifetime warranty guarantees that!

Just imagine how much money you would have to shell out on repairs, or even a new water ionizer machine if that warranty didn’t exist?


Please remember to watch out for cheaply made machines from other companies!

A water ionizer machine is an investment in your health. Poorly made machines could be downright dangerous!

6) Warranty

Tyent USA still offers the best warranty that we’ve seen in the water ionizer industry. They have a lifetime parts and labor warranty with no stipulations.

This proves to us that Tyent USA stands behind their machines!

Whenever we did have a question about the machines, the tech department was on point and was always extremely helpful!

7) BBB Rating

We think that it’s important for a company to take care of its customers, even after the sale.

We checked the BBB ratings of all of the top water ionizer companies, and once again, Tyent USA came out on top with an A+ rating.



Coming in a very close second to the ACE-11 as our top COUNTERTOP water ionizer machine is the MMP-11 from Tyent USA.

We feel like we had to mention the MMP-11 since it’s been unbeatable for so many years.

The MMP-11 continues to be one of the top COUNTERTOP machines in the industry.

We do not have an honorable mention for the top under-the-counter machine because nothing even comes close to the UCE-11 in this category.

water ionizer of the year

Once again, we had a great time testing so many water ionizer machines. Tyent USA remains an industry leader and one tough opponent to beat.

If you’re in the market for a water ionizer, we suggest giving Tyent USA a shot. They have a 75 day trial period and some of the best customer service we have ever come across.

Congratulations Tyent. You did it again!

water ionizer


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