Evontis Elite – Product Overview

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Evontis Elite

The Evontis Elite brings innovations to water ionizer design and technology never before seen in the industry.  With 9 platinum-coated titanium plates and up to 400 watts of available power it is the most powerful non-commercial water ionizer available today.

Elite Design

Evontis knows that counter-top work space is at a premium in most kitchens.  The Evontis Elite has a slim design which allows for more usable counter space.  Even with a standard depth counters you’ll find that you still have plenty of room for day-to-day kitchen tasks – more room than you probably have in front of your coffeemaker or toaster.

With a clean white casing, silver face and minimal control panel the unit is stylish and blends in with almost any existing kitchen décor.  The center-mount dispenser hose allows for placement to either the left or right of the sink.  While standard installation involves connecting directly to the faucet, the addition of an inexpensive adapter will allow you to plumb the unit directly into the cold water line below the sink.  Your Evontis Elite will still sit on the counter however it will operate completely independent of your faucet – just like any other appliance in your kitchen.

Elite Innovations

On a day to day basis there’s no need to adjust the placement of your water ionizer or move it around to access any parts or controls.  Filter change time is another story.

With most other water ionizers, changing the filter involves pulling the unit out and turning around to access the filter area, often located in the back.  Even water ionizers that do have a “front-load” filter area  have a panel that needs to be removed and then fit back into place.

Evontis has made the filter change process clean and easy.  The entire front panel of the unit swings open to reveal the filter area.  Once open, the filters tilt out slightly making gripping the filters for removal much easier.  Tip the filter out, turn it a few times to the left and the old filter is removed.  The new filter goes in with a few easy turns to the right then tilts back into place.

Once the filters are in place they are “locked in” with flexible grips that prevent them from “swinging” should you need to move the unit to clean around it.  The filter door panel has an on-screen alert that will let you know if you have not completely closed the panel.  Resetting the filter life is simplified with on-screen and voice alerts guiding you through the process with a few simple touches on the control panel.

Elite Performance

With up to 400 watts of CPU regulated SMPS power being delivered over 9 electrodes, the Evontis Elite is capable of producing water with a pH range of 2.0 to 12.0.  Depending on your source water you may actually be able to exceed these standards.

Every alkaline and acidic preset is customizable.  By adjusting the amount of power used during ionization you can adjust your Evontis Elite based on your specific source water and often your desired flow rate.

For extreme pH levels, a Turbo option is available that will boost the Evontis Elite to maximum ionization power.  At Turbo levels you will be able to produce strong alkaline or acidic water suitable for cleaning produces, removing stains from fabrics, various household cleaning applications or to treat cuts, burns, stings or many chronic skin conditions.

Elite Operation

One touch.  That’s all it takes to get the water you want.

The on/off mechanism for the Evontis Elite is when you select the pH level of the water you want to produce.  Simply touch the control panel button for any alkaline or acidic setting and that is what the unit produces.  No toggling between different settings, no “default” settings.  The Evontis Elite produces what you want, when you want with a single touch.

When you’re finished, a second touch shuts the unit off.  Entering the Turbo mode is done with an additional touch, boosting the power to the highest available output for producing strong alkaline or acidic levels.

Every function is both voice and visually guided.  Voice alerts can be left on or turned off – regardless, the LCD screen will alert you to the level of water you are producing through both on-screen text and by changing screen colors based on the pH level selected.  Even in the advanced settings you are guided with voice alerts, “chimes” and on-screen text letting you know where you are in the process and when you have successfully completed each adjustment.

Elite Warranty

Evontis is so confident in the quality of the Elite water ionizer that every unit comes with a lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor for as long as you own it.  The Elite water ionizer has been manufactured to the highest standards for customers who want only the best.

Every Elite water ionizer is certified free of manufacturer defects or spontaneous failures.  Should you ever experience any problem with the performance of the unit, the company repair or replace the unit – and Evontis stands behind that for as long as you are an original Elite owner.

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