Commercial Water Ionizers

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Commercial water ionizers are designed to produce alkaline and acidic ionized water at considerably higher volumes than traditional countertop and under counter models used in homes.

As the many benefits of ionized water are becoming more widely recognized and accepted as reality, many industries have begun taking a closer look at the impact this technology could have on their bottom line.


Research indicates that animals that receive alkaline ionized water on a daily basis are healthier, stronger and more productive.  Increased birth rates and lower mortality are among the findings in recent studies.

Farms raising animals for sale, the food industry or just personal use and gratification can save both on animal care and cleaning.  Healthier animals mean reduced veterinary costs, reduced mortality rates in newborns and higher production.

Costs for chemicals used to sanitize equipment and living & production areas can be virtually eliminated.   The hypochlorous acid can be generated easily for cleaning and sanitizing using an existing water supply and a sodium catalyst.

For produce farms, commercial water ionizers provide alternatives for sterilization and preservation of produce.   While irradiation is being pushed on farmers for sterilization of produce, the process dramatically reduces the nutritional value of foods.  Irradiation also “sterilizes” foods in the truest sense of the form, rendering seeds incapable of growing.

Sterilization using hypochlorous acid produced by commercial water ionizers kills bacteria with significantly less impact on the nutrients many consumers are looking for from fresh produce.  Chlorine molecules produced using commercial water ionizers evaporate quickly and because the cost of production is significantly lower than using traditional sterilization chemicals, produce can be treated more frequently at lower costs.

Industrial Applications

Traditionally, sanitizing in industrial settings has called for the use of toxic chemicals.  These chemicals can be costly, require special storage and handling with fumes and contact with the skin causing irritation by employees tasked with using them.

The hypochlorous acid generation capabilities of commercial water ionizers has made it an increasingly popular choice in industry.  Ongoing costs of sanitizing chemicals is cut.  Risk to employees mixing and using these chemicals is eliminated and irritation due to inhalation or contact with the skin is frequently significantly reduced.

As more and more companies are looking for ways to “go green,” using commercial water ionizer technology to produce hypochlorous acid for sanitizing and sterilizing is recognized as a more eco-friendly option.  Reduced waste from containers and fewer chemicals being released into the environment are some of the more significant ways of applying ionization technology for sterilization is helping companies go green.

Food production/service, printing, medical and hotel are just a few of the industries making the move to “ionization for sterilization.”  The benefits go beyond savings.  Unlike most chemical sterilization methods, ionization leaves behind a significantly less chemical residue on surfaces.  Most evaporates quickly with no need to re-treat areas used for food preparation or surfaces that come in contact with human skin.

Cost of operation continues to rise in every industry while issues relating to sanitizing and sterilizing continue to be a concern.  Look for commercial water ionizer use to continue to grow as well.  The unique properties of ionized water for industry allows more frequent use for cleaning with a lower risk for users.

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