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Found a cheap water ionizer?  In the world of alkaline water machines the old saying holds true – You get what you pay for.

As the popularity of alkaline water has grown, so has the number of companies and individuals looking to cash in on what is considered the latest “health craze.”  While alkaline water may be a current “craze” it’s hardly a “fad” that will pass anytime soon – which is why so many little companies are popping up offering water ionizers at ridiculously low prices.

Things to Consider

A reputable water ionizer company will have a full staff equipped to handle sales, shipping, repairs AND technical support.  Running a well-staffed company that is capable of effectively handling all aspects of the business, including technical support and repairs, costs money.

Included in the price of every water ionizer is the cost of operating the company.   Lower cost water ionizers will always come at a “hidden cost.”  Either the manufacturing costs were lowered by using lower quality parts or manufacturing, the company has a smaller staff that may not be able to respond quickly to requests for customer support or it could be a combination of the two.

High quality plates or “electrodes” in water ionizers are essential for long-term performance as are the size and quality of this key element.  The electronic components used to control the power settings and basic operation represent another significant expense in producing a good quality water ionizer that will be reliable for years to come.

When you see a water ionizer at a significantly lower price, ask yourself what the company may have “cut” in order to bring that product to market at such a low price.

Research & Development

Another area that a good water ionizer company will invest in is research and development.  Most “low cost” water ionizer companies are buying “ready to sell” units that are private labeled for their individual company.   Because their products are ‘stock’ and often private labeled for several other companies, they have little or no say in making changes to improve performance or advance the technology used.

A good, solid water ionizer company will have exclusive import rights to the product – either in the United States, all of North America or even for several countries worldwide.  In order to ensure a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, the manufacturer will continue to work with the company and is open to making changes to improve the quality and performance of the products.

The company evaluates feedback from customers and will have staff that monitors the industry and the market.  As opportunities arise the company then works with the manufacturer to develop new products or make improvements on existing models to ensure they are bringing the best possible products to market.

Pay Once Now or Again Later?

There are good quality products out there but you want to be sure you’re working with a company that is prepared to handle your calls if you need support, able to handle repairs at their facility in a timely manner, and has an open relationship with their manufacturing partner to ensure product reliability and quality.

Cost is one important factor when choosing a water ionizer, but don’t sacrifice quality, service or long-term performance.  In the long run, it may end up costing you more than you saved.

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