• Tyent UCE-9000T Review

    20/03/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Never before has so much been packed into so little.¬† The UCE-9000T under counter from Tyent USA features innovations in design and technology never before seen in an under counter faucet-style water ionizer. Slim styling, full control and full of adjustments and features¬† the Tyent 9000T is in a class by itself.¬† See it in […]

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  • Jupiter Enagic Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizers Review

    19/03/2012 , by alkaline 0

    Tests on Jupiter’s Aquarius, Enagic’s SD-501 and Tyent Rettin MMP-5050. All three of these manufacturers claim that their unit is the best. This video compares them all. See results are surprising. Visit to learn more about alkaline water.

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