Alkaline Water & Disaster Relief

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What do the trapped Chilean miners, Haitian earthquake survivors and Japanese earthquake/tsunami survivors have in common?  Alkaline water.

Alkaline water’s ability to replenish fluids, electrolytes and reduce the toll that stress can take on the body have inspired water ionizer owners to take machines to these areas to provide water to help survivors in the aftermath of disasters.

Chilean Miners

When news first broke that a group of men were trapped in a Chilean mine, and that it could take weeks to free them, a former Miss Chile used her connections to get alkaline ionized water down to the trapped miners.

After making initial contact with the Chilean government she was able to meet with the President.  With approval, he helped design a system to send alkaline ionized water down to the miners through a long tube from the surface.  Water was delivered through this system every day until they were finally rescued.

Medical examinations of the trapped miners after their rescue showed they were in remarkable health given the circumstances.  They were all well hydrated and, despite the conditions in which they had been living, the stress had not taken the toll on their minds or bodies that many expected.

Haiti Earthquake Victims

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, clean water for drinking and treating the injured became a critical issue.  In addition to water filtration devices, water ionizers were also delivered to many areas and hospitals for treating survivors.

While regular clean water is critical for human survival, alkaline water was distributed and used in as many places as possible.  Alkaline water’s ability to provide better hydration, reduce the effects of stress and boost the immune system inspired several water ionizer owners involved in aid programs to take their units with them as part of their onsite efforts.

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Japan, home of the plant that manufactures Enagic water ionizers, began their efforts to provide alkaline ionized water to survivors early.  Water ionizers and alkaline water were shipped in to the hardest hit areas for use in treating survivors and providing clean, healthy water.

The benefits of alkaline water are readily accepted in Japan and many areas of Asia.  Many hospitals and medical facilities throughout Japan and Asia have water ionizers available to treat patients using both alkaline and acidic ionized water.  There were no questions about the how’s and why’s of alkaline ionized water – just appreciation that it was available.


In situations like the disasters described above, hydration is critical, followed by treating wounds and injuries.  The unique properties of alkaline water allow water to penetrate the cells of the body at a higher rate than regular water.  The water also carries with it oxygen and minerals that help sustain muscle and brain function.  Maintaining proper hydration, blood oxygen levels, and mineral balance helps the body’s natural immune system and healing functions work at higher levels.

Acidic water produced by most water ionizers can also be used to effectively clean many wounds.  It can slow or stop bleeding and helps prevent bacteria from forming.  Most who have used acidic ionized water to treat cuts or burns find that the time it takes for the area to heal is reduced when the area is cleaned and treated regularly with the water.

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