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Building a healthier world, one home at a time –  Evontis officially launched in late 2010 with a full line of products designed to address the growing concerns about the quality of the home environment.

Holistic Approach

Aware that the quality of the water we drink is only part of the equation, Evontis has taken an holistic approach creating a full “Healthy Home” product line.  The full Evontis product line also includes air purifiers, the latest in water filtration technology and portable options for alkaline water on the go.  But Evontis didn’t stop there – perhaps the most innovative products are the “Phresh” and “Phave” nutritional supplements, designed specifically for use with alkaline ionized water.

The Evontis Mission

Evontis is dedicated to helping individuals develop both healthier and wealthier lifestyles.    The company focus is providing the most innovative product technology available for an holistic approach to creating healthy home environments.  Innovation, education, integrity and strong leadership are the key core principals upon which Evontis was built.

At the highest leadership levels, the company has decades of experience developing, implementing and sustaining successful network marketing programs.   The Evontis opportunity was designed to provide independent distributors innovative products that are in demand and easy to sell with a competitive compensation plan.

Evontis was created to assist individuals and families looking for ways to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.  Experienced leadership, innovative product technologies and a strong support system are key elements Evontis as set in place to facilitate the long-term success of the company’s Independent Marketing Consultants.

Evontis Product Line

The “Elite”

When compared to other water ionizers available through networking marketing companies the Evontis Elite is an easy winner.  You won’t find a network marketing based company offering a water ionizer product with more advanced technology, a more innovative design, more available ionization power, more plate surface area or a better warranty.

“PHandORP” and “Take2Go”

Portable options are important and the Evontis product line includes two “on the go” alkaline ionized water options – the PHandORP portable ionizer and the “Take2Go” contemporary drinkware.

The PHandORP is the largest truly portable water ionizer option available.  With a capacity of just under 1 liter, no other portable ionizer will make a larger batch of alkaline ionized water as quickly or effectively.   The filter element in the PHandORP also neutralizes chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria allowing the user to convert tap water into healthy alkaline ionized water – no need to buy pre-filtered bottled water for use with the PHandORP.

The “Take2Go” is a dual-walled stainless steel bottle designed specifically for storing alkaline ionized water.  The dual-wall bottle design and vacuum-seal plug-style cap fully insulate the water against environmental conditions which speed up the degradation of alkaline ionized water’s most beneficial properties.  The design can also be used to keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

“Evontis Air”

The Evontis Air Purifier System employs the most proactive and advanced indoor air purifying technology.  Evontis Air is designed to treat approximately 2,250 square feet of living space through Photocatalysis, significantly reducing mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi  and odors.

Shower Phresh

Knowing that many toxins and pathogens are absorbed through the skin and inhalation while bathing, Evontis included the Shower Phresh shower filter in their product line.   The Shower Phresh reduces chlorine and pathogens while eliminating  99% of dissolved metals found in most water supplies.

pHresh Start & pHave Energy Drink

Another alkaline innovation by Evontis is the company’s powdered nutritional supplements.  pHresh Start and pHave Energy Drink were designed specifically for use with Evontis Alkaline water and are the first of their kind.

When used with Evontis alkaline water these powdered supplements speed antioxidants into your system for either a quick “pick-me-up” or nutritional boost.  Unlike most drink mixes on the market today, pHresh Start and pHave Energy Drink are non-acidic.

pHresh Start is a healthy alternative to your morning cup of coffee and pHave Energy Drink packets can be used at the office or gym to help boost your mental and physical performance.


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