9 Water Ionizer Shopping Tips

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Purchasing a water ionizer to use at home is an investment buy that should – if you buy wisely – last a lifetime. There are a number of things that you should look for when you decide which water ionizer is right for you.


9 Water Ionizer Shopping Tips


You’ll want to make sure that the ionizer on your shopping list has these top features:


1. High -ORP

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and is a unit of measurement. The lower the ORP, the richer in vital antioxidants the water is. When buying a water ionizer, you need a machine that produces a high negative ORP.


2. Plate Power

Water ionizer plates are a key factor in whether your water ionizer is a good buy or not. Avoid machines with inferior plates made of alloy, composite metal – ultimately, they won’t last the distance and could leach dangerous heavy metals into your drinking water. You need to look for a water ionizer with pure titanium plates, dipped in pure platinum for superior performance and resilient durability.


3. Ultra Filtration

As a water ionizer is plumbed into your source water, it needs to have exceptional filtration capabilities to remove contaminants and toxins from the water. There are some frightening substances swimming around the municipal water supplies of most major towns and cities across the country, so being able to filter them out safely is key.


4. Lifetime Warranty

You need to be on your game with this. A water ionizer company that builds good quality, robust machines will have no qualms about giving them an excellent warranty. And by ‘excellent’ we mean a warranty that is good for at least 10 years. A handful of water ionizer companies go the extra mile here, offering Lifetime Guarantees on all of their water ionizers. A well-established company that’s offering this kind of guarantee is definitely a frontrunner here.


5. Adjustable Power Settings

Look for a water ionizer with different alkaline and acidic water settings. Apart from being able to tailor your drinking water to each individual family member’s needs, there are occasions when you will need some flexibility on water pH and inferior machines will have limited potential to modify.


6. Fast Flow Rate

If you try to save money by buying a water ionizer with a slower flow rate, you might quickly wish you hadn’t bothered! Being able to press a button and get a glass of ionized water straight away is everything. Imagine a long hot summer day and a bunch of kids clamoring for a drink now…that fast flow rate is worth every cent, we promise.


7. Reputation and Reviews

Check places like Facebook and the BBB to see what the company’s reviews look like. If there are any complaints, did the company respond in an acceptable manner? Are the majority of comments positive?


8. Premium Certifications

Certifications represent whether the company’s manufacturing practices are up to par. Stick to companies that have a nice-sized list of highly-regarded certifications under their belt.


9. Intelligent Features

The leading water ionizers have intelligent features including:

  • Touchscreen function
  • Variable programming
  • Hands-free, motion proximity sensor technology
  • Customizable display


Essential? Arguably not, but neither is three-quarters of the stuff we possess. Useful, time-saving, and slots in perfectly to a modern, dynamic lifestyle? Yep, in spades. Spend a little extra to get these features, if only to get the kids drinking more water because using the machine is so much fun.


Once you start stripping out the water ionizer companies that skimp on important things like powerful ionization and filtration, you’re left with a small handful of good companies producing solid, reliable machines that you’d be proud to own. Of these, Evonitis is worth a look, although steer clear if you’re not into multi-level marketing. We’re also very fond of Tyent Water Ionizers, and most of us own them ourselves – it checks the large majority of these key features, and the company itself has a stellar reputation for both its water ionizers and customer care.


Good luck finding the water ionizer of your dreams and enjoy using it! Have you shopped for a water ionizer lately? If so, which ones are on your shortlist. Please share with us in the comments section.


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